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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


(-sta, -str), v. to root; refl., -festast, to take root;
-lauss, rootless, without roots;
-mikill, a. having a large root;
-setja, v. to root, plant.
ru, n. a clearing in a wood.
rudda, f. a coarse kind of club.
ruddu-vetr, m. a severe winter.
runing, f. challenging (of neighbours or judges).
runingar-ml, n. pl. the formula of a challenge.
ruu-ltill, a. eigi -ltill, making no small clearance (in battle).
rugga (a), v. to rock (r. barni).
rugl, f. confusion, disturbance.
rugla (a), v. to confound, with dat.
ruglan, f. confusion, disturbance.
run-henda, -hending, f. a metre with end-rhymes;
-hendr, a. composed in the metre 'run-henda'.
runi, m. a wild boar.
runnr (-s, -ar), m. bush, shrub.
runsa (a), v. to plunder, ransack.
rupl, n. plunder, booty.
rupla (a), v. (1) to plunder (a person, etc.); (2) to take (a thing) by force.
rfinn, a. rough, uncombed.
rg-akr, m. rye-field;
-brau, n. rye-bread;
-hleifr, m. rye-loaf.
rgr (gen. -ar), m. rye.
rm, n. (1) room, space (hvergi nr hafi ar r. li eirra); f rms, to get space; e-m liggr e-t miklu rmi, it is of great concern, importance to one; (2) place, seat (Egill gekk til rms ess, er dttir jarlsins hafi setit um daginn); (3) bed, - rekkja (san rannsakai hann rmit, er hn hafi hvlt ); (4) 'room' in a ship, one for each pair of rowers (mikit skip, ar vru sex rm ok tuttugu); (5) space of time; riggja daga r., a space of three days.
Rm, n. Rome, = Rm.
rma-tal, n. number of 'rooms' in a ship (skip rtugt at -tali).
Rma-vegr, m. way to Rome (konungr var -vegi), = Rmavegr.
rm-borar, pp. 'wide-holed', coarse (of a sieve);
-bruginn, pp. very large (-bruginn hverr);
-ftt, a. n. lack of room;
-heilagr, a. 'not holy'; -heilagr dagr, weekday;
-lendi, n. open land;
-lendr, a. roomy, open, extensive;
-liga, adv. roomily ( eirri hll mttu -liga sitja fjgur hundru manna);
-ligr, a. spacious, roomy.
rmr (rmri, rmstr), a. (1) roomy, ample, spacious, broad (gatan var eigi rmri en einn mar mtti ra senn); (2) roomy, loose (fjturrinn var r.); neut., rmt, roomily (skipin lgu rmt hfninni).
rm-snara, f. slip-knot;
-stafr, m. bed-post, a nickname;
-stokkr, m. bedside;
-svi, n. open sea.
Rm-verjar, m. pl. the Romans, = Rmverjar.
rna, f. intimate (female) friend.
rna-kefli, n. runic stick;
-ml, n. the runic alphabet;
-meistari, m. an expert in runes.
rnar, f. pl. (1) secret, hidden lore, wisdom; of r. heyra ek dma, I heard them talk of mysteries; jtna r., the mysteries of the giants; (2) written characters, runes; rsta r., to engrave runes (r) ek r r., er reist n systir); rsta r. kefli, to cut runes on a stick; (3) magical characters or signs (hann tk vi horninu ok reist r. ok rei blinu).
rna-stafr, m. runic character.
rni, m. intimate friend.
ry, n. rust;
-frakka, f., -frakki, m. rusty weapon;
-fullr, a. rusty.
ryga (a), v. to become rusty.
ryja (ry, rudda, ruddr), v. (1) to clear, free (land) from trees (r. markir; hann ruddi lnd Haukadal); r. gtu gegnum skg, to clear, open a road through a forest; (2) to clear, empty; r. brit, to empty the pantry; r. skip, to unload a ship; r. hfn, to clear the harbour, leave the haven; impers., hvernig skjtt ruddi samnainn, how the flock dispersed; (3) as a law term, to challenge; r. kvi, dm, to challenge neighbours, jurors, out of the kvir, dmr; (4) with preps., r. e-u e-t, to throw, toss upon (eir ruddu viinum hurina); r. e-m brott, to drive away, sweep off; r. sr til rkis, to clear the way to a kingdom, obtain it by conquest; r. til e-s, to clear the

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