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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


rosm-hvalr, m. walrus.
rostungr (-s, -ar), m. walrus.
rot, n. insensibility (from a blow); sl e-n r., to stun, render senseless by a blow; liggja roti, to lie stunned.
rota, f. heavy rain (ann dag var r. mikil; bi hregg ok r.).
rotinn, a. rotten (var lkaminn r.).
rotna (a), v. to rot; of hair, to fall off (var af rotna hr ok skegg).
r, f. rest, calm, tranquility; gefa r reii, to give rest to one's wrath; r, at rest, in peace; mega sr hvergi r eiga landi, to feel restless, feel no rest anywhere; ba r, to be easy, at rest (Gunnhildr lt at seia, at Egill skyldi aldri r ba slandi).
r (pl. rr), f. small clinch-plate, burr (on which a nail is clinched).
ra (r; reri, reyri, rri; rinn), v. (1) to row, pull; hann rr t Bjarneyjar, he rows out to the Bearisles; with the boat in dat. (reru eir skipinu upp na); (2) to row out to sea, go fishing, = r. t (enna morgin bjst . sj at r.); er hann kom ar, vru allir menn rnir nema ., all the men had rowed out fishing except Th.; (3) to rock oneself backwards and forwards; (4) recipr., rast at, to pull so as to encounter one another, of two ships in battle.
ra, f. rood, crucifix.
ri, m. poet. wind, tempest; lta (leggja) e-n fyrir ra, to cast to the winds, forsake one.
rr (gen. rrar), m. rowing, pulling (hafa bnar rar til rrar).
rra, f. blood, esp. of sacrifice.
rrar-, gen. from 'rr';
-ferja, f. row-boat;
-hanzki, m. rowing-glove;
leii, n. rowing-wind; taka -leii, to take to rowing;
-skip, n., -skta, f. ship with oars.
rr-gltr, m. a kind of war-ram.
ru-kross, m. crucifix.
rfa, f. the vertebral part of a tail.
rg, n. (1) slander, calumny (sgu at mundu vera r. illra manna); bera e-n r. vi e-n, to slander (calumniate) one to a person (s mar var borinn r. vi Magns konung); (2) strife, quarrel; vera e-m at rgi, to be the cause of discord; leia e-n nr rgi, to lead into feud.
rg-apaldr, m. warrior (poet.);
-berari, -beri, m. slanderer, back-biter;
-girni, f. disposition to slander;
-mlmr, m. gold (poet.);
-mli, n. calumny, slander;
-samr, a. slanderous;
-semi, f. = -girni.
rgs-mar, m. slanderer.
rg-orn, n. sword (poet.).
ri, m. rest, repose, pause.
r-lauss, a. restless (-laust erfii);
-ligr, a. calm, quiet;
-lfi, n. life of ease;
-lyndr, a. calm of mind.
Rm, n. Rma, f. Rome.
rma, f. poet. battle.
rma (a), v. to give assent to by shouting, approve of (etta r var af llum vel rmat).
Rma-borg, f. the city of Rome;
-rki, n. the Roman empire;
-vegr, m. the road leading to Rome.
Rm-fer, f. journey (pilgrimage) to Rome (hann bjst til Rmferar);
-ferill, m. a pilgrimage to Rome.
rmr, m. (1) voice (Gizurr var blmltr ok mikill rmrinn); tala me litlum rmi, to speak in a low voice; (2) applause; gra gan (mikinn) rm at e-u, to applaud.
Rm-verjar, m. pl. the Romans.
rm-verskr, a. Roman.
rr (r, rtt), a. calm, composed.
rs (pl. -ir), f. rose.
rsta, f. brawl, riot, tumult.
rstu-mar, m. rioter;
-mikill, a. riotous, unruly;
-samligr, a. unruly.
rt (pl. rtr), f. (1) root (var ess vn, at illr vxtr mundi koma af illri r.); (2) fig. cause, origin (vera e-s r. or r. undir e-u).
rt, f. the inner part of the roof of a house, where stores are hung up.
rt, n. commotion, stir.
rta (a), v. to stir, throw into disorder, with dat.; eir rtuu um koll taflinu, they upset the chessboard; rtar karl saman fnu, he sweeps the money into one heap.
rta-klumba, -kylfa, f. club.
rtar-tr, n. a tree with the root.
rt-fastr, a rooted, fixed;

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