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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


rm, n. computation, esp. calendar.
rm, n. rhyme, rhymed song.
rma, f. rhyming lay, ballad.
rm-knn, a. skilled in calendar computation;
-tal, n. calendar.
rsa (rs; reis, risum; risinn), v. (1) to rise, get up (r skal r. s er annars vill f ea fjr hafa); r. r rekkju, fr bori, to rise from the dead; (2) to come into existence, arise (vita ttist hann, af hverjum rtum etta hafi risit); (3) with preps. and advs., mikit or rss e-u, it is much spoken of; r. mti e-u, to rise against; r. upp, to rise, get up (hn reis ekki upp fyrir mijan dag); to rise from the dead (dauir rsa upp); r. upp fyrir e-m, to yield, give up, one's place to another; r. vi e-m, to rise against, withstand.
rsta (rst; reist, ristum; ristinn), v. (1) to cut, slash (Otkell rekr sporann vi eyra Gunnari ok rstr mikla ristu); r. e-t sundr, to cut int two (. reist sundr lnbrk sna); (2) to cut open (hn reist mr kviinn); (3) to cut, carve, grave on something (r. rnar kefli, horni); (4) to carve, form by carving (Hrafn l bekk ok reist spn, v at hann var hagr).
rta (rt; reit, ritum; ritinn), v. (1) to scratch, cut (2) to write (bkin var ll ritin gullstfum).
rj (rja, rjr), v. to vex, worry, = hrj (erum vr reknir ok rjir).
rj, f. harassing, worrying.
rjfr, n. roof, = rf, rfr, rfr.
rja (r; rau, ruum; roinn), v. to redden (r. egg, sver, vpn); r. bli, to smear with blood; of the sun (um morgunin, sem sl rr fjll).
rjr, a. red, ruddy (r. andliti).
rjr, n. open space in a forest, clearing (skgr rjrum hggvinn).
rjfa (rf; rauf, rufum; rofinn), v. (1) to break a hole in, break (hljpu eir upp hsin ok tku at r.); r. undir, to make wounds; r. samnainn, to break up the gathering; (2) fig. to break, violate (r. sttml, stt, eia, trygir); (3) impers., rfr okuna, the fog clears away; rfr (or rfr ) verit, rfr upp ver, the weather clears, it clears up.
rjka (rk; rauk, rukum; rokinn), v. (1) to reek, emit smoke or steam (hvat rkr diskinum fyrir r?); impers., rkr af e-m, reek rises from one (ambttin reri burt alsveitt af mi, ok rauk af henni); (2) to be driven, drifted like smoke (mjll, sjr rkr); (3) fig. to fly, go flying; sveri rauk r hendi honum, the sword flew out of his hand.
rjpa (gen. pl. rjpna), f. ptarmigan (sem valr flygi eptir rjpu).
rjp-keri, m. cock-ptarmigan.
ro, n. fish skin (rfa fisk r roi).
ro, n. reddening, making or becoming red (cf. hlunn-, slar-ro).
roa (a), v. impers. to emit a red gleam ( er roai af skjldunum); roar fyrir upprennandi slu, the sky is reddened by the rising sun.
roa (a), v. to huddle together.
roi, m. redness, ruddiness (r. kinnum, andliti); laust roa himininn, the sky reddened.
roinn, pp. from 'rja', reddened, smeared with blood, bleeding.
rona (a), v. to redden, become red.
rof, n. (1) breach, opening (var ar mikit r. fylkingunni); (2) a law term, retractation, reversal (of judgement).
rofna (a), v. (1) to break up, give way ( er r. tk fylkingin); (2) to fall through, become invalid (of a bargain, judgement, fine).
roftorfs-veggr, m. a wall of sods.
rokinn, pp. (of 'rjka), cooled off (var ltt rokin stofan).
rokkr (-s, -ar), m. distaff (sat ar kona, sveigi rokk).
rolla, f. roll, scroll.
ropi, m. belch, eructation.
rosi, m. rain and storm.
roskin-leikr, m. ripeness, perfection;
-mannligr, a. looking like a grown-up man (mikill mar ok -mannligr).
roskinn, a. ripe, mature, full-grown (var hn sv mikil sem mar r.).
rosknar, pp. grown-up, adult.
rosknast (a), v. refl. to become 'roskinn', grow up to manhood (en er . jarl rosknaist).

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