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Viktor Rydberg's Investigations into Germanic Mythology Volume II  : Part 2: Germanic Mythology
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


ri, n. oar, rudder.
rir (gen. -is), m. rower.
rgja (-a, -r), v. to slander, defame; r. menn saman, to set them by the ears by slander.
rgsla, f. slander, calumny.
rki-liga, adv. earnestly, carefully; bijast fyrir -liga, to pray fervently; halda -liga, to observe strictly;
-ligr, a. true, sincere (-lig iran).
rkja (-ta, -tr), v. to reck, heed, take care of; skulu vr r. hft vr, let us keep to our hammocks.
rkt, f. love, affection.
rkta (a), v. to take care of, regard, keep (r. vel tr sna).
rktar-leysi, n. negligence.
rma (-da, -dr), v. to approve of, = rma (allir rmdu vel ml konungs); r. e-t ltt, to take it coldly (konungr spyrr, ef eir vildi skrn taka; eir rma at ltt).
rta (-tta, -ttr), v. (1) r. e-t upp, to root up (r. upp illgresi r gus akri); (2) refl., rtast, to take root, strike root, = rtfestast.
r (gen. raar, pl. raar, rair), f. voice; me skjlfandi rddu, with a trembling (faltering) voice.
rull (-s, dat. rli), m. (1) glory, halo; (2) sun (poet.).
rgg (gen. rggvar, pl. rggvar), f. tuft, shagginess (of the fur of a cloak).
rgn, n. pl. the gods, = regin.
rk, n. pl. (1) reason, ground, origin (n skal segja, af hverjum rkum heinir menn hldu jl); (2) wonder, marvel; forn r., great things of yore; firrist (imperat.) forn r. firar, let bygones be bygones; str r., mighty things, great marvels; tva r., the life and doings of the gods; ja r., origin, creation of mankind; aldar r., at the end of the world; ragna r., see 'ragnark'.
rkkva (rkkr, -, rkkvit), v. to grow dark (hann ori hvergi at fara, egar er r. tk); er rkkvit var, after nightfall.
rkn, n. pl. = raukn.
rkr, rkkr, n. twilight; ragna r., the twilight of the gods, the end of the world = ragna rk.
rk-samliga, adv. on good authority;
-samligr, a. reasonable, just, true;
-semd, f. reason, authority;
-stlar, m. pl. judgement-seats.
rnd (pl. randir, rendr), f. (1) rim, border (rnd var r gulli); (2) poet. shield; leggja randir saman, to lay shield against shield; reisa r. vi e-m, to raise the shield against one, resist, withstand; (3) stripe (dkr me gulligum rndum).
rndttr, a. striped, streaked.
rng (gen. rangar, pl. rengr), f. rib in a ship.
rsk-leikr, m. briskness, boldness;
-liga, adv. gallantly, bravely;
-ligr, a. doughty (var hann allra manna -ligastr);
-mannliga, adv. bravely.
rskttr, a. = raskttr (rare).
rskr (acc. rskvan), a. vigorous, doughty, brave (r. mar).
rskvast (a), v. refl. to ripen, of fruit; to grow up, of man (ok er hann rskvaist, fekk konungr honum skip).
rskvi, f. = rskleikr.
rst (gen. rastar, pl. rastir), f. a strong current in the sea, race.
rst (gen. rastar, pl. rastir), f. a distance of four or five miles.

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