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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


(2) erect, upright (ttar st r. ok br sr ekki vi); (3) right, just (telja at rangt, er rtt er); hafa rtt at mla, to be right, in the right; at rttu, me rttu, rightly.
rttr (-ar, -ir), m. (1) right, law; lands r., the law of the land; kristinn r., gus r., ecclesiastical law; (2) right, due, claim; konungs r., the king's due (at konungr minnki nkkut af snum rtti); (3) condition; hann gri haran rtt landsmanna, he tyrannized over them; (4) dish (hinn fyrsta rtt bru inn essir lendir menn); (5) drifting before the wind; liggja rtt, to lie drifting; leggja rtt, to set a ship's course for drifting; (6) storm, heavy sea (fengu eir rtt mikinn; skipit var lekt ok oldi ilia rttinn).
rtt-snning, f. conversion (to Christianity);
-streymr, a. 'right-streamed'; hafa vel-streymt, to have the current fully with one;
-sni, n. (1) straight direction; (2) seeing right, insight;
-snis, adv. in a straight direction;
-snn, a. fair, just (gir menn ok -snir);
-slis, adv. with the sun, opp. to 'rangslis';
-tekinn, pp. duly accepted;
-trar, a. orthodox;
-vaxinn, pp. upright of growth;
-vsi, f. righteousness, justice;
-vsliga, adv. justly;
-vss, a. righteous, just;
-yri, f. truthfulness.
reyar-hvalr, m. rorqual.
reyr (gen. -ar, dat. and acc. -i, pl. -ar), f. rorqual, finner-whale.
reyfa (-a, -r), v. to rob.
reyfari, m. pirate, robber.
reyfl, n. sheep's fleece.
reygjast (), v. refl. = reigjast.
reyk-beri, m. chimney;
-blindr, a. blind from smoke.
reykelsi, n. incense.
reyk-fastr, a. full of smoke;
-hfr, m. chimney-pot.
reykja (-ta, -tr), to smoke, emit smoke; to suffocate with smoke.
reykjar-daunn, -efr, m. smell of smoke (um sir kenna eir -ef).
reyk-lauss, a. smokeless.
reykr (-jar, -ir), m. smoke, steam.
reyna (-da, -dr), v. (1) to try, prove (lengi skal manninn r.); hann lt Gunnar r. ymsar rttir vi menn sna, he let G. essay divers feats against his men; ef vi orsteinn skulum r. me okkr, if Thorstein and I shall make trial of each other; r. eptir e-u, to search, pry, inquire into (hann reyndi eptir mrgum hlutum); r. til, to make trial (Brir reyndi til me forneskju, hversu ganga mundi orrostan); (2) to experience (reynt hefi ek brattara); hefi ek ik reynt at gum drengi, I have proved (found) thee to be a good fellow; r. e-t af e-m, to meet with (hann hafi reynt af Bvari vinttu mikla); (3) refl., reynast, to turn out, prove to be (reyndist Gunnlaugr hinn hraustasti); at mun sar r., but this will be put to the proof by and by; also with dat., ef mr reynist rlfr jamnvel mannar, if I find Thorolf as well accomplished.
reynd, f. experience; eru eir lkir eim snum, en miklu lkari reyndum, they are unlike them in appearance, but much more so in reality; gen. reyndar, as adv. indeed, in fact, really.
reyni-lundr, m. rowan-grove.
reynir (gen. -is), m. rowan-tree.
reyni-runnr, m. rowan-tree;
-vir, m. rowan-wood;
-vndr, m. wand from a rowan-tree.
reyra (-a, -r), v. (1) to wind round (rin var reyr gulli); (2) to tie, fasten (hann var bundinn at hndum ok ftum ok reyrr sterkliga vi einn s).
reyra (-a, -r), v. to bury in a cairn (reyrr).
reyr-bnd, n. pl. the wire by which the arrow-head was bound to the shaft (skot stu uppi -bndum).
reyrr (-ar, dat. -i) m. reed.
reyrr, m. heap of stones, cairn.
reyr-skgr, m. reed-bed;
-sproti, -teinn, m. 'reed-wand', cane;
-vaxinn, pp. grown with reed;
-vndr, m. = -sproti;
-akinn, pp. thatched with reed.
reysta (-sta, -str), v. to lift up the voice; to resound; to sing (r. kvi).
reyta (-tta, -ttr), v. to pluck, pick (S. hleypr hs upp ok reytir gras); r. sik, to tear one's hair.
ribbalda-skapr, m. ribaldry.
ribbaldi, m. ribald, savage.
ribbungr (-s, -ar), m. = ribbaldi.

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