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... In Iron Age Britain two brothers struggle for supremacy. The Archdruid prophesies kingship for one, banishment for the other. But it is the exiled brother who will lead the Celts across the Alps into deadly collision with Rome...
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


(eigi má sköpunum r.); er rennt ţeim ráđahag, that match is thwarted; (4) to slip, let loose; r. veiđarfśri, to let the fishing-line run out; Tjörvi renndi fyrir hann törgu, T. flung a target in his way; impers., atgeirinum renndi gegnum skjöldinn, the halberd was run through the shield; r. e-u niđr, to swallow; r. grunum á e-t, to suspect; (5) r. augum, to direct the eyes, to look (r. ástaraugum til e-s); (6) to pour (var gulli rennt í skurđina); (7) with acc., r. mjólk, to run millk, by pouring out the thin milk; r. ór tunnu, to let the liquid out from a cask; (8) with acc. to turn (r. tré, spánu); (9) absol. to move quickly, slide, glide (konungsskipin renndu at ţeim); ţá renndi hringrinn af hendi mér, the ring slipped off my hand; (10) refl., rennast augum til, to look to one another; ţá renndust skipin hjá, the ships passed by one another.
renna, f. run, course; ok nú er skírđr allr Danaherr í ţessi rennu, in one run, at one sweep.
renni-drif, n. snow raised by the wind, drifting snow;
-kví, f. fold into which sheep are driven, trap.
rennsl, n. or f., í einu rennsli, í einni rennsl, in one run, at one time.
rennsla, f. course, water-course.
repta (-pta, -ptr), v. to roof.
repta (-pta, -pt), v. to bring up wind, to belch; r. aptr, = dríta.
rétt, f. (1) public fold (ţat var um haustit, er sauđir vóru í r. reknir); (2) esp. pl. the general sheep-gathering in autumn (ţann dag skulu vera réttir í Ţórarinsdal).
rétt, adv. (1) just, exactly, precisely; (2) straight (ţeir stefndu r. á ţá); (3) rightly, correctly (lýsa e-u r.).
rétta (-tta, -ttr), v. (1) to make straight, straighten, opp. to 'beygja, kreppa' (r. krók, r. á sér fingrna); (2) to stretch out, stretch (r. or r. fram höndina); r. e-t e-m, to reach, hand over, a thing to one (hann rétti sjóđinn at Sigmundi); (3) to raise, right a capsized boat (hvelfdi skipinu, en dvergarnir réttu skip sitt); (4) to rise (hann rétti ekki ór rekkju); (5) to put right, adjust; r. hluta e-s, to redress; knoungr vildi eigi r. ţetta mál, the king refused justice; (6) to let the ship drift, = leggja í rétt (varđ ţá at hlađa seglum ok r.); (7) with preps., r. fram, to stretch out; r. e-t upp, to raise (Ţórr rétti upp höndina); r. viđ, to come to oneself, recover (Narfi réttir viđ ór rotinu); (8) refl., réttast, to be put straight; réttust fingrnir, the fingers became straight; to stretch oneself (r. gřrđi raumrinn stirđr); r. upp, to rise (Hákon jarl réttist upp).
retta-menn, m. pl. the men assembled at a 'rétt'.
rettar-bót, f. (1) bettering of one's condition (yđr var heitit friđi ok –bót, en nú hafiđ ţér ánauđ ok ţrćlkun); (2) amendment of the law.
réttari, m. justiciary, justice.
réttar-mađr, m. = réttari.
rétt-borinn, pp. legitimate; -borinn til ríkis, a lawful heir to the throne;
-dśme, n, justice in judgement;
-dśmr, a. just in judgement;
-fundinn, pp. duly found;
-hafi, a. in lawful possession of (at e-u);
-hárr, -hćrđr, a. straight-haired, opp. to 'hrokkin-hárr'.
rétti, n. stretching; rifja r., rib-stretching.
rétti-liga, adv. = réttliga;
-ligr, a. just, right (mélefni rettiligri).
réttindi, n. pl. right, justice.
rétting, f. (1) setting right, amendment; vil ek eiga r. allra orđa minna, I claim the right to amend all my words; (2) redress (varđ ţessa engi r. af Önundi).
rétt-kominn, pp. having proper right (-kominn til ríkis);
-kosinn, pp. duly chosen;
-kristinn, a. truly christian, orthodox;
-lauss, a. void of right;
-látr, a. righteous, just;
-leiđis, adv. (1) straight forward (fara –leiđis); (2) on the right path (snúa sér –leiđis ok trúa á sannan guđ);
-leiki, m. straightness;
-leitr, a. having regular features;
-liga, adv. justly, duly;
-ligr, a. just, due, proper;
-lćti, n. righteousness, justice;
-mćli, n. right, justice;
-nefjađr, a. straight-nosed;
-orđliga, adv. truthfully;
-orđr, a. truthful.
réttr, a. (1) straight (r. sem laukr);

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