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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


rekendi, n. pl., rekendr, f. pl. chain.
rek-hvalr, m. a whale drifted ashore.
reki, m. (1) a thing drifted ashore (hverr mar reka fyrir landi snu); (2) prosecution (of a suit for manslaughter, etc.); gra mikinn reka at e-u, to follow up, prosecute with energy.
rekingr, m. outcast, wretch.
rekinn, pp. mounted, inlaid (Snorri gaf Augisli xi rekna).
rekja (rek, rakta, rakir or raktr), v. (1) to spread out, unwind, unfold, = r. sundr (hn rakti motrinn ok leit um hr); refl., rekjast, to unwind itself (en rrinn raktist af tvinnahnoanu); lt hendr nar rekjast nir fyrir ik, let they arms hang straight down; rekjast r svefni, to start from sleep; (2) to track, trace (eir rekja spor sem hundar); r. kyn, ttir, to trace a pedigree; r. fram, to expound (ba hann fram r. gus lg); r. minni til, to remember.
rekkja (gen. pl. rekkna), f. bed; fara rekkju, to go to bed; leggjast rekkju, to take to one's bed; rsa r rekkju, to arise, get up.
rekkja (-ta, -t), v. (1) to sleep in a bed; r. hj e-m, to sleep with another; (2) to make a a bed (r. undir sr).
rekkju-bnar, m. bed-furniture;
-flagi, m. bed-fellow;
-glf, n. bed-closet;
-illr, a. unruly in bed;
-kli, n. pl. bed-clothes;
-kona, f. chamber-maid;
-mar, m. a person in bed;
-refill, m. bed-curtain;
-skraut, n. bed-ornaments;
-stokkr, m. edge of a bed;
-sveinn, m. chamber-boy;
-tjald, n. bed-curtain;
-vaml, n. woollen bed-cover.
rekkr (-s, -ar), m. man, warrior.
rekningr, m. (1) outcast; (2) vagrancy (bera meyna rekning).
rek-saumr, m. 'driving-nails', opp. to 'hnosaumr'.
rekstr (gen. rar), m. driving, chasing; trouble, annoyance.
rek-tr, n. drift-tree, drift-timber.
rembast (d), v. refl. to puff oneself up, behave proudly.
rembi-liga, adv. haughtily, in a proud or conceited manner.
rembu-mar, m. puffed-up fellow.
remja (a), v. to roar (of a lion).
remma, f. bitterness, acridity.
remma (-da, -dr), v. to strengthen.
rn, n. = rnan (var nkkut r. hans stt);
rna (a), v. to dwindle, decrease, subside (orrostan rnai).
rnan, f. decrease, diminution.
rendr, a. edged (skjldr jrni rendr).
rendr, a. brimmed (skjldr jrni r.).
rengi, n. the eatable fibrous substance from the plaited undersurface of the rorqual.
rengja (-da, -dr), v. (1) to distort; (2) to reject, set aside.
renna (renn; rann, runnum; runninn), v. (1) to run (rakkar ar renna); r. kpp vi e-n, to run a race with; hn ann hest, er rennr lopt ok lg, that runs through the air and over the sea; r. e-m hvarf, to run out of one's sight; (2) to run away, flee (rennr n lfr hinn ragi); r. undan e-m, to run away from one (ek get ess, at vilir eigi r. undan eim); (3) to run, flow (rennr aan ltill lkr); (4) to melt, dissolve (ok hafi runnit mlmrinn eldsganginum); reii rennr e-m, anger leaves one; (5) to arise (= r. upp); sl rennr, the sun rises; dagr rennr, it dawns; (6) with preps., r. af e-m, to leave one, pass away from one (reii rann af honum); r. e-n, to come over one; svefn, svefnhfgi rennr e-n, one falls asleep; reii rennr e-n, one gets angry; rann byrr, then a fair wind arose; r. eptir e-m, to run after one ( var runnit eptir eim, er flttann rku); r. fr e-m, to run away from, leave one; r. e-t, to run into; e-m rennr skap, one is much (deeply) affected (er eigi trtt, at mr hafi eigi skap runnit sonardauinn); r. saman, to heal up ( var saman runninn leggrinn); r. undir, to assist, give support (margar stoir runnu undir, bi frndr ok vinir); r. upp, to originate (var ess vn, at illr vxtr mundi upp r. af illri rt); of the sun or daylight, to rise; sl (dagr) rennr upp (cf. 5); (7) recipr., rennast at (), to attack one another, begin a fight.
renna (-da, -dr), v. (1) to make (let) run, with dat. (keyri hann hestinn sporum ok renndi honum at); (2) to put to flight (eir renndu eim tu, er undan kmust); (3) to prevent, thwart

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