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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


reikanar-mar, m. landlouper;
-samr, a. wavering (e-m er samt).
reikana (a), v. to reckon, count, calculate; refl., reiknast, to be reckoned (orlkr reiknast milli eirra biskupa, er); to hold mutual reckoning; reiknuust eir vi um frndsemi, they reckoned up their relationship.
reikningr, m. reckoning, account.
reikur, m. only in phr. fra e-n reiku, to handle roughly.
reim (pl. ar), f. lash, thong.
reima (a), v., r. af, to make the haunting leave off (mun af reimast meirr en eina ntt).
reim-leikr, m. hauntings (brtt eptir etta gerust leikar miklir).
reimt, a. n. haunted; ar er r., the place is haunted by ghosts.
rein, r. strip of land (cf. 'akr-rein').
reini, m. stone horse, stallion.
reip, n. rope (hann sleit sundr reipin); reipa reii, rigging, tackling. (See also 'rammr'.)
reipa (a), v. to fasten with a rope; var reipat trit skipinu, the mast was rigged; refl., reipast vi e-t, to undertake (ef r. vi at fara).
reisa (-ta, -tr), v. (1) to raise (lt hann r. viuna ok draga seglit); r. e-n upp, to raise up; r. e-n upp af daua, to raise up from the dead; r. upp lg, to restore the laws; (2) to raise, erect, build, of ships and houses (r. b, kirkju, hof, skip); r. upp hs, to restore of rebuild houses; (3) to raise, start, begin; r. fri, to make a rising; r. fer, to start on a journey; r. b or bna, to set up house.
reista (-sta, -str), v. to bend (rare).
reisting, f. bending, twisting.
reisuligr, a. stately, imposing (. grir ar reisuligan b).
reita (-tta, -ttr ), v. (1) to excite, irritate (r. e-n); (2) refl., reitist e-t or um e-t, it comes to a thing; mun bardaga r., there will be a fight; reitist af um e-t, it falls off, drops ( reitist ekki af um talit vi hann).
reiting, f. irritation, offence.
reitr (pl. ar and ir), m. (1) a space marked out (rr reitar fets breiir); (2) square on a chessboard (reitir taflbori).
reizla, f. (1) weighing; (2) means of weighing, steel-yard.
rek, n. pl. prosecution (kvust tla, at hr mundu mikil r. at gr).
reka (rek; rak, rkum; rekinn), v. (1) to drive (r. hesta, f, svn, naut); r. aptr, to drive back; r. aptr kaup sn, to recall, cry off from one's bargains; r. af (r) landi, to drive out of the land, drive into exile; r. af hndum, r. burt, to drive away; r. fltta, to pursue a flying host; (2) to compel (segir, hver nausyn hann rekr til); r vegit vg au, er yr rekr ltit til, ye slay men for small cause; (3) to perform, do; r. herna, to wage war; r. erendi, to do an errand; (4) to thrust, push violently (hann rak hann nir mikit fall); r. aptr hur, to fling the door to; r. hendr e-s bak aptr, to tie one's hands behind the back; (5) various phrases, r. augu skygnur e-t, to cast one's eyes upon, see by chance; sv langt, at hann mtti hvergi auga yfir r., so far that he could not reach it with his eyes; r. minni til e-s, to recollect; r. upp hlj, to set up a cry, utter a scream; (6) r. nagla, hl, to drive a nail, peg; (7) impers., to be drifted, tossed (skipit rak inn sundit); e-n rekr undan, one escapes (ba eigi lta Gretti undan r.); of a tempest, rak fyrir eim hr, a storm rose upon them; (8) with gen., to pursue, take vengeance for (ef r rekit eigi essa rttar, munu r engra skamma r.); (9) refl., rekast, to be tossed, wander (ek hefi rekizt ti skgum allan vetr); r. landa milli, to go from one country to another; r. e-m, to intrude oneself upon; r. eptir e-m, to accommodate oneself to a person; r. undan, to escape (ef Kjartan skal n undan r.); rekast (vrekast) at viri, to quarrel over a meal.
reka, f. shovel, spade.
rekald, n. a thing drifted ashore.
reka-mar, m. owner of shore-drift;
-strnd, f. 'drift-strand', where whales or trees are driven ashore;
-tr, n. drift-tree;
-vir, m. drift-timber.

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