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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


ri, n. (1) a winding staircase, steps; (2) sway, swing; ok verr sv mikit r. at, and it comes to such a pitch, that; (3) weight, importance, moment (munu ar strri r. vera).
ria (a), v. to tremble, move unsteadily (riuu augu).
ria, f. shivering fever, ague.
riddara-bnar, m. a horseman's outfit or attire;
-dmr, m. knighthood;
-herr, m. cavalry;
-rtt, f. chivalry;
-li, n. = -herr;
-ligr, a. chivalrous;
-skapr, m. knighthood, chivalry;
-sveinn, m. an knight's page.
riddari, m. (1) rider, horseman; (2) knight; also in chess.
rilast (a), v. refl. (1) to break rank, fall into disorder (rilaist fylkingin ok losnai ll); riluust frunautar hans fr honum, his followers slunk away; (2) to cluster; me riluum vnvium af vnberjum ok allskyns aldini, vines clustered with grapes and all kinds of fruit.
rir, m. shock, shaking.
riull (dat. rili, pl. rilar), m. (1) a small detachment of men (konungr hafi riul einn manna hj eirra her); (2) cluster (of flowers or fruit).
riu-sjkr, a. sick of ague;
-stt, f. shivering fever, ague.
ri-vaxinn, pp. square-built (lgr vxt ok mjk -vaxinn).
ri-vlr, m. a short round stick, mesh-pin.
rif (gen. pl. rifja), n. (1) rib (hljp sveri suna ok milli rifjanna); (2) fig. cause, reason ( skildi hann af hverjum rifjum vera myndi).
rif, n. reef in the sea (t hlmann l eitt rif mjtt ok langt).
rif, n. reef in a sail (sigla vi eitt r.).
rif, n. (1) tearing asunder; (2) plundering (me rni ok rifi).
rifa, f. rent, rift, chink, fissure.
rifa (a), v. to sew up loosely (Styrr var rifar h).
rif-blautr, a. lean-ribbed (of a horse);
-hrs, n. brush-wood, faggots.
rifja (a), v. (1) to turn over (r. hey); (2) to expound, explain, go into (mikil skynsemi er at r. vandliga at).
rifna (a), v. to be rent, to split (seglin rifnuu); r. aptr or upp, to open up again (of wounds).
rifr (gen. rifjar), m. warp-beam.
rifs, n. plunder (fara me rn ok r.).
rifsa (a), v. to plunder.
riga (a), v. to lift heavily or with difficulty, with dat. (fengu eir hvergi rigat honum).
rigna (-di, -dr), v. to rain upon, wet with rain (var hann me engu mti rigndr ea vtr); impers., rignir, it rains; with dat., ar me rigndi bli vellanda, it also rained boiling blood on them.
riklingr, m. dried strips of halibut.
rim (pl. -ar), f. rail (in a paling).
rima-naust, n. a boat-shed made of rails (-naust, er ferja var ).
rimi, m. elevated strip of land.
rimma, f. tumult, fray.
rindill (dat. rindli, pl. rindlar), m. wren (as a nickname).
rinna, v. = renna (rann).
rippa (a), v., r. e-t upp, to rip up, go into, a matter.
ript, f. linen, linen clothes.
ripta (-pta, -ptr), v. (1) to make void, invalidate (r. kaup); (2) to regain, recover, an estate (Kolskeggr tlar ml fram at hafa ok r. fjrung Meiar-hvli).
ripti, n. linen = ript (hana Sigurr sveipr ripti).
ripting, f. withdrawal, making void (of a bargain).
risa-barn, n. giant-child;
-flk, n. giant-folk;
-kyn, n. gian-kind;
-ligr, a. gigantic, giant-like (-ligt hjarta);
-vxtr, giant's size.
risi, m. giant (risar ok troll).
ris-ml, n. pl. the hour for rising, about 6 o'clock a.m.; milli rismla ok dagmla, about 7.30 a.m.
risna, f. hospitality, munificence.
risnu-mar, n. hospitable man.
rispa (a), v. to scratch.
rispa, f. a slight scratch.
rist (pl. ristr), f. the instep of the foot (ftrnir ok ristrnar).
rista (-sta, -str), v. to cut, = rsta.
rista, f. scratch, slash.
ristar-bein, n. instep-bone;
-lir, m. ankle-joint.
ristill, m. (1) ploughshare; (2)

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