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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


lengi grunat); (5) proof ( mant sjlfr gefa. r r., hverr ert); (6) reality; gen. 'raunar' as adv. really, indeed (B. vildi gra stt vi Knt konung, en ar bjuggu raunar svik undir).
raunar-laust, adv. without proof or trial;
-stefna, f. a summons to try a point of law;
-stund, f. time of trial.
-timi, m. time of trial.
raun-digr, a. very thick;
-drjgr, a. solid;
-illr, a. very bad;
-litt, adv. very little indeed, very poorly;
-mjk, adv. very much;
tregr, a. very unwilling;
-vel, adv. very well indeed;
-fr, a. very vehement;
-ruggr, a. quite steadfast or reliable.
raup, n. boasting, vaunting.
raus, n. much talk, verbiage.
rausa (a), v. to talk loud and fast.
rausn, f. magniftcence, splendour, great state (konungr hafi mikla r. um jlin).
rausn, f. forecastle (aptr fr stafninum til austrrms var kallat r.).
rausnar-b, n. great estate;
-kona, f. magnificent lady;
-liga, adv. magnificently;
mar, m. magnificent man;
-r, n. great means;
-samliga, adv. grandly, magnificently;
-samligr, a. grand, magnificent;
-verk, n.great deed.
rausn-samr, a. magnificent.
raust (pl. -ir), f. voice (fagrar raustir syngjandi manna); kvea vi r., to recite or sing loudly; renna raustum, to sing.
rauta (a), v. to roar.
r. (gen. rr, pl. rr), f. sail-yard.
r., f. roe (cf. 'rbukkr').
r, f. (1) corner, nook (r er hyrning hss); (2) berth in a ship (skammar 'ro skips rr).
r-bukkr, m. roe-buck.
r, n. (1) counsel, advice; H. ba hann r. leggja, H. asked his advice; leggja e-t til rs me e-m, to advise one; bera r. sn saman, to consult together; hafa r. e-s, to follow one's advice ( vri hann vitr, ef hann hefi yur r); fara fram rum e-s, to act upon one's advice (skaltu mnum rum fram fara); eiga r. vi e-n, to take counsel with one (tti jarl r. vi menn sna); gra r. fyrir e-u, to expect, look out for a thing,; (leitar jarl ra vi lenda menn); gefa r til, to give one a counsel (hann gaf atr r til, at); (2) expedient, means (hitta, kunna r. til e-s); sj mun ek r. til ess, I can see help for that; (3) resolved action, plan; gra r. sitt, to form a Plan; gora e-t at ri, to resolve (var etta at ri grt); taka til rs, til ra, to adopt a plan (hvat skulu vit n til ra taka); (4) wise counsel, what is advisable; Illugi kva at ekki r., I said it was not advisable; vera til rs, til ra, to be advisable; hvat er n til ra, what is now to be done? vera at ri, to succeed, to turn out well (var allt at ri, at er hann r mnnum); (5) consent, will, wish, agreement (var s gjf gr me ri konungs); at ri frnda hennar, with the consent of her kinsmen; (6) authority, command (vru ll r. af honum tekin);bera e-n rum, to overrule one; koma ri vi e-n, to be able to control (ek kem trautt ri vi hann); (7) state of life, condition, lot (vilda ek brir, at bttir r. itt ok bir r konu); heim skaltu fara ok una vel vi r. itt, and be content with thy lot; breyttu au fair hans ok mir ri snu ok fru tan, they broke up their household and left Iceland; (8) marriage, match (unn frnda num gs rs); ek r ri hennar fyrri, I chose a husband for her before; (9) councillor (annat vrt hit zta r); (10) council (konungrinn ok hans r).
ra (r; r, rum; rinn), v. (1) to advise, counsel, r. e-m e-t (ru vinir hans honum at, at hann berist eigi vi ik); r. e-m r, to give one counsel; (2) to consult about, discuss, with dat. (r. landrum); r. rum snum, to hold a conference; (3) to devise, plan; eir ra atfr vi Gunnar, thev plan an onslaught on G.; r hn eim bana, she plotted that man's death; (4) to plot or cause one's death,= r. e-m bana (r atluu, at konungr mundi hafa rit hann); Reginn mik r, R. betrayed

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