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Viktor Rydberg's Investigations into Germanic Mythology Volume II  : Part 2: Germanic Mythology
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


me; (5) to agree on; ru eir at me sr, they settled this among themselves; (6) to fix, decide, resolve, with acc.; ek hefi r rit brlaup mitt, I have fixed my wedding day; ru eir at at fara ofan til Rangr, then they resolved to ride down to Rang river; r. e-t til staar, to settle, fix definitively,= stara e-t (vil ek finna konung r en ek ra etta til staar); (7) to hire, take into service (r. skipverja, r. sr hjn); bndi sagi hsfreyju, at hann hafi Hrapp rit me sr, that he had taken H. into his company; (8) to rule, govern, with dat. (r. landi, rki; Einarr jarl r Orkneyjum); (9) to rule, command, have one's way, prevail, decide, settle (skal hn sjlf r. hvrt hn vill hann ea eigi); skal r. afl me eim, the majority shall decide; lafr ba mur sna. eina r., to settle the matter alone; landfall rr fyrir sunnan, makes the boundary towards the south; with dat., hvrt rr v, er, is it your doing that..?; r. engu, to have no authority, be of no avail (orheill n skal engu r.); r. landamerkjum, to make the boundary (Hafslkr r ar landamerkjum); r. bi snu, to conduct, manage one's estate; hann r sr sjlfr, he was independent; ertu nkkurs randi hr, have you any authority here? (10) to have, possess, be master of, enjoy; r. f ok fjrvi, to enjoy wealth and life; (11) to explain, read; r. gtu, to read a riddle; r. draum, to interpret a dream; r. e-t at lkindum, to judge from probabilities (engar munu frari en nar dtr, ef at lkindum skal r.); (12) to read and understand (r. rnar, stafi, rit); r ek r rnar, er reist n systir, I have read the runes thy sister engraved; (13) to punish, chastise, with dat. (fstri hans var harr vi hann ok r honum mjk); (14) to undertake; ra strt, to aim high, undertake great things; (15) periphrastically with an infin., to do; rumk ganga, we (I) do go; hn r vakna (= hn vaknai), she awoke; au lg, er hann r upp at segja, the laws which he pronounced; (16) with preps., r. e-t af, to resolve, make up one's mind (r hann at af at sigla sr til Danmerkr); to discontinue, put a stop to (ek hygg, at roddr tli n at af r. hingatkvmur nar); to do away with ( verr n etta vandri af at r.); r. e-n af e-u, to make one leave off (af hefir mik rit brekvsi vi ik); r. e-u af (e-u), to get off; . ba menn taka forka ok r. af skipinu, to get the ship off, set her afloat; r. e-n af = r. e-n af lfi, af dgum, to put out of the way, put to death (hann kvazt mundu af r. illmenni essi); r. at e-m, to attack (njsnarmenn hlupu upp ok ru at eim); r. e-t, to set about a thing (eir ru shggit); r. e-n, to attack one (oru aldri vinir hans hann at r.); r. bt (btr) e-u, to remedy, make good (ttust menn eigi kunna btr essu r.); r. eptir e-m, to pursue one; r. e-n fr e-u, to deprive one of, exclude one from (r. e-n fr landi, rki); r. fyrir e-u, to command, have authority over, be master of (r. fyrir skipi, hofi, f, eldi); r. e-t, to guess at, find out (Gormr konungr r ekki etta); r. mti, mti e-m, to attack one ( mti Kra r Mrr); r. e-n ofan, to overthrow; r. r e-u, to find an expedient, solve a difficulty (er n vant r at r.); r. til e-s, to rush in upon, attack (hann reiddi upp xina ok r til rvars); to take to (set about) a thing, try, make an attempt; S. kom ftum undir sik, ok r til annat sinn, and tried again the second time; ok er n til at r., ef r vilit, now is the time for action, if you are willing; skal r. til rinnar ea eigi, shall we try to pass the river or not?; r.til orrostu, to go to battle; r. til uppgngu, to make an ascent; r. til ferar, to start on a journey; r. skipi til hlunns, to draw a ship on to land; r. um e-t, to dispose of (megum vr eigi r. um hennar gjafor); to deliberate on (konungr gaf jarli orlof at r. um etta vi menn sina); r. um at gora e-t, to be about to do a thing (hann tk um strenginn ok

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