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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


-vira (-ra, -rr), v. to misjudge;
-viring, f. wrong judgment.
rani, m. (1) snout (of a hog, snake); (2) the point of a 'svinfylking'.
rann, n. large house (inargt er at karls hsi, er eigi er konungs ranni).
rann-sak, n. ransacking.
rann-saka (a), v. to ransack, search (-saka boe, herbergi, hirzlur);
-saka liit
, to muster the troops;
-sakan, -skn, f. ransacking (for stolen goods).
rapta-bulungr, m. pile of rafters.
raptr (-s, -ar), v. (1) log (orir reif einn rapt r eldinum); (2) es. pl. the rafters of a roof.
ras, n. impetuosity, hurry (egar eigi er of mikit rs a r).
rasa (a), v. (1) to rush on headlong (sliks er mr vn, frt rasandi mjk); r. fyrir r fram, to blunder grievously; (2) to stumble (hestr rasai undir honum).
raska, (a), v. (1) to disturb, disarrange (tti henni heldr raskat um hbli sn); (2) to violate, encroach upon (hann hegndi hart allt at er gus rtti var raskat).
raskttr, a. rough (of weather).
rass, m. posteriors, =ars;
-grn, f. the great gut;
, a. sodomitic.
rata (a), v. (1) to travel, roam; r.
via, to travel far (vits er rf, eim er va ratar); fig., r. f e-t, to fall into (misfortune); ek hefi ratat vandri mkit, I have fallen into a great strait; (2) to meet wilh find, with acc. (laxa skulu vr veia, ef vr rtum eigi sauina); to find the way (ok ratar hann harla stra fjallvegu); (3) to collapise, fall down (grjtbjrg gnata, en gfr rata).
rati, m. the name of Odin's gimlet.
raua, f. (1) yolk of an egg (2) red colour; (3) blood.
raua-bltstr, m. smelting of red iron ore (raudi).
raua-galinn, pp. stark-mad;
-vkingr, m, great irate.
rau-lfr, m. red elf;
, a. reddish yellow;
, pp.,
-brnn, a. reddish-brown;
-drottr, a. red-spotted, speckled with red;
, n. red deer;
-eygr, -eygr, a. red-eyed;
, m. red cloak, a nickname;
-flekkttr, a. flecked (spotted) with red;
-freknttr, a. red-freckled;
-gulr, a. reddish-yellow;
-hrr, a., -hr, a. red-haired.
raui, in. bog iron ore; blsa raua, to smelt iron ore.
raukpu-mar, m. the man in the red cloak (eir heilsuu -manni).
rau-kembingr, m. a fabulous whale;
, -kinnr, m. a kind of bear;
-klddr, pp. clad in red; -leitir, ruddy (of the face);
-lita (a)
, V. to dye red;
-litr, a. reddish.
raur, a. red; jarl setti rauan (=var r.) sem bl, the earl turned red as blood; snta rauu, to bleed at the nose; r. vkingr= rauavkingr.
rau-skeggjar, a. red-bearded.
rauf (pl. -ar), f. hole, rent; Flosi hugi at handklinu, ok var at raufar einar, it was all in rags.
raufa (a), v. (1) to break u, open (r. til bagga); r. seyi, to break u the (cooking) fire; r. brjst e-m, to cut the breast open; (2) to pierce, make holes in (skeytum raufar).
raufa (a), v. to rob, plunder (Vindr 1gust valinn ok raufuu).
raufari, m. robber.
raufar-steinn, m. a stone with a hole in it (r. var bundinn vi hlsinn).
raufttr, a. riddled with holes.
raukn, n. pl. beasts of burthen; steeds (r. bitlu).
raumr, m. big and ugly erson.
raumska (a), v. to begin to wake.
raun, f. (1) trial, test (S. konungr sagi, at bann vildi at vsu, at mlit fri til raunar); (2) trial, grief (ef vissir, hve mkla r. ek hefi af essu); (3) trial of courage, strait, danger (ef vr komum nkkura r., sjum , ef ek stend at baki rum); (4) experience; at minni r., to my exerience; r. verr e-u, it is proved by experience (hann var binn mesti fullhugi, sem opt hfu raunir orit); r. berr vitni, it turns out, proves (ei bar r. sv vitni, at hann hefi undan skotizt); berr r. d = r. berr vitni (sagi eim sv hugr um, sem siarr bar r. ); koma (komast) at raunum um, to ascertain, make sure of, get to know (n em ek at raunum komin um at, er mik hefir

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