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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


rabba (a), v. to babble, prate.
raddar, pp. having a voice of a certain tone (vel, illa r.).
raddar-grein, f. articulation; -stafr, m. vowel;
-tl, n. organ of speech.
radd-lit, n. band of singers;
, m. a man with (great) vocal owers.
raf, n. amber;
, n. necklace of amber beads.
rafr (pl. -ir), m. the amber-like fat and fins of a halibut.
raggatar-kli, n. pl. shaggy clothes. Cf. 'rgg'.
rag-mennska, f. cowardice;
, n. ignominious calumny, charging one with ragmennska.
ragna (a), v. to imprecate, invoke uon one (r. e-t at e-m).
ragna-, gen. from 'regin';
, n. pl. the doom or destruction of the gods; the last day, the end of the world;
, n. the twilight of the gods, world's end.
ragr, a. (1) craven, cowardly (bi , ef ert eigi r.); (2) emasculate, effeminate; = argr (egi , rg vttr).
rag-skapr, m. (1) dastardliness, cowardice; (2) vile effeminacy.
rak, n. wick of a candle.
rak, n.; pl. rk , rakings of hay.
raka (a), v. (1) to swee away (G, rakai minu brott me hendi sinni); (2) to rake (r. hey, lj, tu); r. upp hey, to rake it u into cocks (tk hn eigi at r. upp, tt at vri mlt); r. saman f, to rake money together; (3) to shave (r. sik, r. skegg sitt).
rak-hlau, n. a straight run.
rakka-hjrtr, m. oet. 'parrel-hart,' shi;
, n. dogfight.
rakki, m. (1) dog; (2) naut., parrel.
rakk-ltr. a. bold, brave; -1ti, n. boldness, courage.
rakkr, a. erect ( heldr nkkuru rakkara halanum en fyrir stundu).
rak-lei, f. a straight course (fara -lei norr til Bjrgynjar);
, a. n. straight, direct (eir sigldu -leitt norr til bjarins).
rakna (a), v. (1) to be unwound, unwind itself ( rrinn raknai af hrhnoa); lta r. hendr snar af e-u, to loosen one's grasp of; (2) to be paid back, restored, discharged (enda vera at r. leigurnar allar fyrst); lta e-t r., to give it up; (3) r. vi, to recover one's senses, come to oneself (orsteinn raknai skjtt vi).
ramm-auknn, pp. very powerful (as a wizard);
, pp. strong-built;
, adv. strongly;
-grr, a. strong-built, very strong;
. a. strong of mind; -liga, adv. strongly (binda -liga);
, a. strong (-ligr skgarr).
rammr, a. (1) strong, of bodily strength (r. at afli); vi ramman er reip at draga, it is pulling a rope against a strong man; (2) mighty, powerful (rammar vttir); (3) bitter, biting, opp. to 'str'.
ramm-skiar, pp. strongly manned.
rang-dma (-da, -dr), v. to judge unjustly;
, n. unjust sentence;
, a. squint-eyed;
, pp. got by iniquity, wrongly got.
rangindi, n. pl. unfair dealings, injustice (gra, ola, rangindi); me rangindum, wrongfully.
rang-ltr, a. unrighteous, unjust;
, m. = ranglti.
-liga, adv. wrongly;
, a. wrong;, unjust;
lti, n. injustice, unrighteousness (illgirni ok ranglti).
-semi, f. unrighteousness.
rangltis-mar, m. unrighteous man;
-verk, n. unjust deed.
rangr, a. (1) wry, crooked, opp. to rtr'; (2) wrong (telja at rangt, er rtt et, en at rtt er rangt er); neut. 'rangt', as adv. wrongly, in a wrong way (stefna rangt); at rngu, me rngu, wrongfully.
rang-sttr, a. disagreeing, at variance;
, pp. misplaced;
-sna (see sna), v. (1) to distort, pervert; (2) to misrepresent;
-sni, f. wrong view;
-snn, a. erring in judgment;
-slis, adv. against the sun, = and-slis (n gengr . -slis um binn);
-sri, n. false oath, perjury;
, a. heretic;
(a), v. = -sna;

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