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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


presenta (að), v. to present (gersimar at presenta kominginum).
presenta, f. present.
presta-dómr, m. ecclesiastical court;
-fátt n. scarcity of priests;
-spítal, n., -spítali, m. infirmary for priests;
-stefna, f. conference of priests.
prest-borð, n. a priest's board or maintenance;
kaup, n. a priest's salary;
-kona, f. a priest's wife;
-lingr, m. theological student preparing for orders;
-maðr, m. clergyman, priest.
prestr (-s, -ar), m. priest.
prest-setr, n. priest's residence;
-skapr, m. priesthood.
prests-stétt, f. the priestly order, priesthood;
tíund, f. priest's tithe;
-vígsla, f. ordination of a priest.
prest-vist, f. maintenance of a priest (ek lagða fé til -vistar).
pretta (), v. to cheat, deceive (ekki skal ek p. yðr í þessu kaupi).
pretta-fulir, a. deceitful, tricky;
-lauss, a. guileless, without deceit.
prettóttr, a. = prettafullr.
prettr (-a, -ar), m. trick, deceit, fraud (með flærð ok prettum).
prett-vísi, f. deceitfulness, craftiness;
-vísliga, adv. deceitfully;
-vísligr, a., -víss, a. deceitful, crafty, wily (ágjarn ok -víss).
prim-signa (-da, -dr), v. to 'primesign' (a religious act, preliminary to christening);
-signan, f. 'prima signatio', marking with the sign of the cross.
-signing, f. 'prima signatio', marking with the sign of the cross.
prím, n. (1) new moon; (2) = prími.
príma-mál, n. the time of prime.
prími, m. prime, six o'clock a. m.
prísa (), v. to praise.
prísa (að), v. to press, torture.
príss, m. state, pomp (þeir sigldu þá með prís miklum).
prísund, f. prison (setja í p.).
próf, n. (1) proof, evidence; (2) ordeal, trial (of a fact).
prófa (að), v. (1) to try (p. má ek þetta); (2) to examine (p. sök, mil); (3) to find out; ef ek prófa þetta sannindi, if find this to be true; (4) to prove (by evidence).
prófan, f. trial, inquiry.
prófast-dœmi, n. district of a prevost, provostship.
prófastr (-s, -ar), m. provost.
próvenda, -venta, f. (1) prebend (for the maintenance of a church or charitable institution); (2) surrender of real property for maintenance.
prúð-leikr, m. show, ornament;
-liga, adv. (1) in a stately manner, magnificently; (2) manful1y;
-ligr, a. magnificent (-lig veizla).
prýðr, a. stately, magnificent, fine.
prýða (-dda, -ddr), v. to adorn, ornament, make beautiful.
prýði, f. (1) ornament, pomp; (2) gallantry, bravery (falla með p. ok orðstir); -liga, adv. finely, nobly, bravely (Erlingr varðist -liga);
-ligr, a. magnificent (-lig veizla).
pund, n. (1) pound (= 24 'marks' or 12 lbs.); (2) pound = two 'marks'.
pundari, m. steelyard.
pungr, m. small bag, pouch, purse.
punkta, punktera (að), v. to dot.
punktr, m. (1) point; (2) nick of time þann punkt); (3) point, case.
purpura-gull, n. red gold;
-litr, m. purple colour;
-pell, n. costly stuff.
purpuri, m. purple; also costly stuff (purpura-hökull hvítr).
purpur-ligr, a. purple (-ligr hringr).
putt, interj. pish, pshaw.
púki, m. devil, fiend.
púsa, (að), v. (1) to espouse, marry; (2) to give in marriage to (p. e-a e-m).
púss, m. small bag, = pungr.
pústr (gen. -rs, pl. -rar), m. box on the ear (konungr sló hana p.).
púta, f. harlot, = portkona.
pútna-hús, n. brothel.
pútu-barn, n.,
-sonr, m. whoreson.
pynda (-nda, -ndr), v. to compel by brute force (p. e-n til e-s).
pynding (pl. -ar), f. extortion, tyranny (pyndingar ok kúgan).
pyttr, m. pit, pool, cesspool.

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