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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


-viri, n. violent gale, = ofviri;
-virki, a. frantic with pain (-virki af beinverkjum).
-freski, f. second sight.
-freakr, a. endowed with second sight, able to see supernatural beings.
frn-liga, adv.,
-ligr, a., see 'frn-liga, frn-ligr'.
gn f. (1) dread, terror; stendr . af e-m, one inspires terror (tti honum iftil . af eim standa); (2) esp. pl. 'gnir', threats, menaces (me blimaelum ok gnum); (3) gen.
gn, f. poet. river; gnar ljmi, gold.
gnar-, prefixed as adv. awfully (gnar-breir, -digr, -mikill).
gna (a), v. (1) to threaten, with dat. (r hafit rum gnat); with double dat., . e-m e-u, to threaten one with a thing (eldrinn gnai brum bruna allri hans eign); (2) refl., gnast e-t, to fear, stand aghast at a thing.
gnan, f. threatening, menaces.
gnar-bo, n. dreadful message;
-erendt, n. = -bo;
-geisli, m. dreadful ray;
hlutir, m .formidable thing;
-laust, adv. without terror;
-ligr, a. awful, terrible;
-ml, n. pl. menacing words;
-or, n. pl. menacing words;
-raust, f. dreadful voice.
gn-hvatr, a. brave in danger.
gur-leikr, m. awfulness;
liga, adv. awfully;
-ligr, a. awful, terrible.
l (pl. -ar), strap, = l.
lafs-messa, -vaka, f. St. Olaf's day (July 29 or Aug. 3).
lga, f. swell, swelling (svar .).
lm-liga, adv. furiously, savagely;
-ligr, a.= lmr.
lmr, a. savage, furious (. hundr).
lpa, f. a kind of outer cloak.
lpu-mar, m. a cloaked man.
mun, f. sound, voice (heitir ok rdd .); . verr, my voice fails me.
n, f. = vn (n es pess engi).
p, n. (1) shout, shouting, crying ( var p mikit at lgbergi ok hlj); (2) weeping, crying (sl sian pi barnit).
r, prep. with dat. (1) out of , from; tekinn r jru, taken out of the earth; vakna r svefni, to wake out of sleep; sland bygisk r Noregi, from Norway; r Mn, from the Isle of Man; er bar r hafi, from the sea; spyrja r kaupstefnu, to ask news from the market; hs r hsi, from house to house; rast r hernai, to leave off freebooting; (2) denoting the substance of which a thing is made, of, out of; r Ymis holdi var jr um skpu, out of Y.'s flesh the earth was made, hjlt r gulli, a golden hilt; (3) out of, from among (essir fllu r lii Haralds); (4) denoting cause; deyja r srum, stt, to die of wounds, sickness; (5) beyond; sv mikill snjr, at Pat var r dnum, beyond example, unexampled; r hfi, beyond measure; urru mjk vinsldir hans r v sem vru, his popularily dwindled from what it had been; (6) r vi, after (n skal segja, hvat grist r v F. var burtu farinn); (7) absol., hann skar r spjtit, he cut the spear clean through.
ra, (-a), v. to rave, wrangle (rir gestr vi gest).
ra-ferb, f. mad undertaking;
-mar, m. madman;
-ml, n. mad talk.
rar, f. or m. pl. (1) fits of madness, craziness (hn bar eigi ra augum); hann gri sr rar, he feigned insanity; (2) wild fancies (rar r, er sj mar ferr me).
r-bjarga, a. indecl. helpess,=rbjarga;
-daur, a.extinct, quite dead;
-fri, n. expedient, choice (hann s ekki -fri sitt annat);
-hf, n. = -f;
-kola, a. indecl. = rkola;
-kosta, f. means, supplies (deyja fr allri-kostu);
-kostr, m. means, resources;
-lausn, f. (1) answer, reply, solution (engi spyrr eirra hluta, er eigi kann hann -lausn); -lausn allra spurninga, solution of all questions; (2) release from a difficulty, help;
-lauss, a. free, disengaged;
-lof, n., see 'orlof';
-f, n. = -hf, immense quantity, countless number (-f lausafjr); -fi vetra r vri jr skpu, numberless winters ere the earth was fashioned;
-r, -ri, n. expedient, help (hvert -ri viltu veita mr ?).
rskurar-mair, m. umpire, arbitrator (eir tku G. til -manns).
r-skurr, m. (1) decision; veita -skur um e-t, to decide a question;

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