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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


(orkan varr, v at ellin stti hendr honum); (2) work.
orkn, n. a kind of seal; cf. 'rkn'.
Orkn-eyjar, f. pl., the Orkneys.
orku-ftt, a. n. failing in strength (honum var orkuftt);
-mar,m. labourer;
-vana, a. indecl. bereft or destitute of strength.
or-lof, n. permission, leave (ek vil beiast, herra! at r gefir mr orlof at fara til slands); orlof til brottferar, leave to depart.
orlofa (a), v. to allow.
orlofs-brf, n. writ of permission;
-laust, a. n. without leave.
orma-bli, n. abode of snakes;
-garr, m. snake-pen;
-ltr, n. = orma-bli.
orm-ber, m. poet. snake's lair;
-beseldr, gold;
-garr, m. = ormagarr (G. lt hann kasta ormgar).
-ligr, a. fig. sly, cunning.
ormr (-s, -ar), m. snake, serpent.
orms-bit, n. snake-bite;
-tunga, f. snake's tongue, a nickname.
orna (a), v. (1) to warm; o. sr, to warm oneself (lt hann o. sr ok fari san til sels); impers., ornar e-m, one gets warm; (2) to get warm (sv tekr brunnrinn at o.).
orri, m. heathcock.
orrosta, f. battle.
orrostu-laust, adv. without battle;
-lok, n. pl. issue, end of a battle;
-mar, m. warrior;
-slg, n. pl. battles;
-star, m. battle-place.
oss-, poss. pron. our, = vrr (at vilja ossum, hendr ossar, etc.).
ost-hleifr, m. a cheese;
-hlutr, m. slice of cheese;
-kista, f. cheese-press.
ostr (-s, -ar), m. cheese.
ostra, f. oyster.
ota (a), v. to push, with dat.; o. sr fram, to thrust oneself forward (rir otar sr fram milli manna).
otr (gen. otrs, pl. otrar), m. otter.
otr-belgr, m. otter-skin;
-gjld, n. pl., poet. gold;
-hundr, m. otter-hound.
oxa-hfu, n. head of an ox.
oxi (pl. xn), m. ox = uxi.

the negative prefix un-. See '-'.
, interj. oh! (! gir menn!)
ast (a), v. refl. to dread, fear, be afraid (umk ek aldrigi).
a-far, n. hurry ( -fari).
al (pl. ul), n. ancestral property, patrimony, inheritance (in land); family homestead; native place; flja ul sn, to abandon one's home, go into exile.
al-borinn, pp. (1) born possessor of an 'al'; (2) entitled to (til e-s) by birth;
-jr, f. native country.
als-borinn, pp. = alborinn;
-jr, f. = aljr;
-mar, m. allodial owner; sannr -mar til Noregs, rightful heir of Norway.
al-torfa, f. patrimony, heritage.
a-stormr, m. violent gale;
-straumr, m. violent current;
-ver, n. = -stormr;
-verkr, m. violent pain.
-fluga, a. indecl. with violent speed;
-fsi, -fss, a. madly eager.
-indla, f. embarrassment, trouble;
-indll, a. unmanageable, difficult to deal with.
inn (dat. ni), m. Odin.
ins-dagr, m. Wednesday.
last (a), v. refl. to get possession of, see 'last'.
-ltr, a. headstrong, impatient;
-liga, a. vehemently, impatiently;
-lundar, a. rash, headstrong;
-mlugr, a. speaking violently, excited.
r (, tt), a. (1) mad, frantic; . mar, madman; (2) furious, vehement, eager (vru eir synir svfrs astir etta ml); e-m er tt, one is eager, impatient (hann kallai sr tt um ferina); tt, as adv. vehemently (eir reiddu tt sverin ok hjuggu ttt); Flosi fr at engu ara en hann vri heima, Flosi behaved as calmly as if he were at home.
r, m. (1) mind, feeling; (2) song, poetry; ar smir, poet.
um, adv. rapidly, = tt; see the adj. 'r'.

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