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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


-farinn, eloquent;
-fr, a. using few words;
-ferli, n. expression, utterance;
-fimi, f. skill in words;
-fimr, a. of easy, flowing speech;
-fjldi, m. supply of words (heyja sr -fjlda);
-flaug, f. floating rumour;
-fleyting, f. rumour;
-fleyttr, pp. rumoured;
-fri, n. or f. (1) style (of a composition); (2) flow of words, eloquence;
-frliga, adv. glibly;
-ferr, a. well-spoken, eloquent;
-gfr, n. termagant;
-gntt, f. flow of words;
-gr, a. speaking well of everybody;
-gtinn, a. wary in one's words, reserved;
-hagr, a. skilled in the use of words;
-hkr, m. abusive person;
-hegi, f. skill in words;
-heill, f. (1) good omen; (2) report (eigi hafa au ga -heill);
-hittinn, a. facetious;
-hvass, a. sharp-tongued;
-igr, a. wordy, copious;
-illr, a. speaking evil of others;
-kringi, f. glibness of tongue;
-krkar, m. pl. sophistry;
-lag, n. (1) way of speaking, talk, language; (2) report (afla sr gs -lags);
-lauss, a. wordless; lta -laust, to be silent about;
-lof, n. praise (vinsld ok -lof);
-margr, a. long-winded;
-nfr, a. witty;
-rammr, a. powerful in words;
-rmr, m. report, public opinion (s -rmr lagist );
-ra, f. talk, discussion; bar saman -ru eirra jarls ok Finnboga, the earl and F. had an interview;
-ra (-dda, -ddr), v. to talk of;
-sending, f. message;
-sjkr, a. 'word-sick', touchy;
-skr, a. = -havss;
-skrpi, skrpi, -skrk, n. objectionable language.
ors-kvir, m. (1) proverb, saw; (2) report (huggast vi gan -kvi).
or-slunginn, -slgr, a. cunning in words;
-snild, -snilli, f. eloquence;
-snjallr, a. eloquent;
-spakr, a. wise-spoken;
-speki, f. wisdom in words;
-stef, n. notice, mention; hafa e=n -stefi, to speak of one;
-stiltr, a. moderate in one's words.
ors-trr, m. fame, renown, good report (falla við gan orstr).
or-strr, a. using big words;
-svif, n. rumour.
-svinnr, a. = -spakr;
-sll, a. enjoying a good reputation;
-tak, n. (1) phrase, expression (at er -tak, at s er thraustr); (2) watchword ( skulu vr hafa allir eitt -tak: fram, fram Kristmenn); (3) speech, words, way of speaking; fellust llum sum -tk, words failed them, they were struck dumb; at var eitt - tak allra, all said the same; Gunnarr heyri ll -tkin, G. heard every word they said; hafa -tak vi e-n, to have a talk with one;
-tki, n. = -tak;
-vandr, a. sensitive (particular) as to other's words (arft eigi sv -vnd at vera).
orvarps-mar, m. spokesman.
or-varr, a. watchful of one's tongue, discreet;
-vss, a. witty, clever.
orf, n. scythe-handle, snath.
organ, n. organ.
organs-list, f. art of organ-playing;
-meistari, m. organist.
-meistari, m. organ-builder.
orka (a), v. (1) to be able to do; nnur vann allt at, er hn orkai, the other worked all that she could; with da., hyggst hann einn munu llu o., yet he thinks he can do everything himself; allt at li, er vpnum mtti o., all those who could wield weapons; (2) with gen. of the thing, o. e-m e-s, to cause, effect; mr orkar at margra vandra, it causes me much trouble; etta mun o. tenda, this will give something to speak about; allt orkar tvmlis er grt er, there are two sides to everything that is done; impers., jafnan orkar tvmlis, at hefnt s; (3) with preps., o. at e-u, to act, proceed with, do; eir ra n um me sr, hversu at skal o., what is to be done; o. e-t, to work on, have effect on (var at lengi, at eigi orkai eldr rlf); hann mtti engu o., he could do nothing; o. ora e-n, to make one speak; o. til e-s, to prepare (o. til veizlu); o. , to begin; orkum ekki fyrri, let us not be the first to attack; (4) refl., orkast at e-u, to exert oneself in a thing; to set about doing something (hversu hann skyldi at o. at segja fur snum essi tendi); o. hugar at gra e-t, to make up one's mind to do a thing; honum tti seint o., he thougth it went slowly.
orka, f. (1) strength, power for work

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