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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


before; n fr Svum allt eina lei ok Dnum, it went with the Swedes in the same way as with the Danes; at er mjk sundrleitt (lkt) ok kristnir menn gra, it differs much from what Christians do; (3) of an adversative character, and yet, but (hann var srr mrgum srum ok engum strum); (4) introducing the apodosis, then = ; esp. in the old laws; ef s mar (etc.) ..., ok verr hann tlagr, then he shall pay; (5) used for the relative particle 'er'; at hllu hann kom ok tti ms fair, which belonged to Im's father; Geirrr konungr tti son, ok ht Agnarr, who was called A.; (6) also (hann heyrir ok at, er gras vex jru).
ok, n. yoke; domination.
oka, (a), v. to bring under the yoke, to subjugate.
okar, pp. joined by a cross-piece.
oki, m. cross-piece (cf. 'hurar-oki').
okkarr, poss. pron. our, in dual; hvrrgi o., neither of us two.
okr, n. usury;
-karl, m. usurer.
olea (a), v. to anoint, administer extreme unction to.
olean, f. extreme unction.
olifa, f., olifu-tr, n. olive-tree.
oman, n. boss on a sword.
opa (a), v. to retreat, go back (also, opa undan, hl). Cf. 'hopa'.
opin-bera (a), v. to manifest, reveal;
-berliga, adv. openly, in public;
-berligr, -berr, a. manifest, public;
-eygr, -eygr, a. open-eyed;
-mynntr, a. open-mouthed.
opinn, a. (1) open (o. nummr, opin hur, opit lopt); koma e-m opna skjldu, to take one in the rear; (2) resupine, on the back, opp. to ' grru' (hann lt binda hann o. sl eina); (3) open, undecided (E. segir eigi si, at ml sti opin).
opin-spjallr, a. outspoken, free-spoken (var S. ltr ok -spjallr).
opna (a), v. to open (hann lt o. hauginn); refl., opnast, to be opened.
opna, f. opening, crater.
opt, adv. often, frequently; compar., optarr, oftener; superl., optast, oftenest, most frequently.
opt-leiki, m. frequency;
-liga, adv. often, frequently;
-ligr, a. frequent;
-samligr, a. frequent;
-sinnis, adv. many times;
-sinnis, -sinnum, adv. oftentimes.
or, n. (1) word; ef mar mlir nkkuru ori mt, if a man speaks a word against it; segja snu ori hvrt, to say one thing in one breath and another in the next; taka til ora, to begin to speak; kvea at ori, to say, utter; hafa vi o., to hint at; vel ori farinn, well-spoken, eloquent; fornkveit o., an old saw; (2) word, repute, report (gott, illt o.); fyrir ors sakir, because of what people might say; leggja e-t til ors, to talk about; tt okkr s at til ors lagit, although we are blamed for it; (3) message (senda, gra e-m o.).
ora (a), v. to talk of (var etta brtt orat, at O. ffldi Sigrdi).
ora-kast, n. altercation;
-drttr, m. (1) talk (illr -drttr); (2) drawling;
-framburr, m. utterance;
-framkast, n. chance proposal;
-fullting, n. speaking well for one;
-glsur, f. pl. showy words;
-grein, f. phrase;
-hagr, a. skilled, expert in words;
-hald, n. keeping one's word;
-heimtingar, -hendingar, f. pl. bandying words;
-hjaldr, m. verbiage;
-hnippingar, f. pl. altercations;
-lag, n. manner of speaking, expression;
-lauss, a. wordless; lta -laust, to be silent;
-leiing, f. pronunciation;
-lengd, f. length of a verse;
-mar, m. eloquent man;
-samr, a. wordy, long-winded;
-semi, f. verbiage, loquacity;
-skak, n. scolding;
-skil, n. pl. distinction of words (ekki nam -skil);
-skipan, f. the order of words;
-skipti, n. pl. exchange of words (eiga -skipti vi e-n);
-skrap, -skrum, n. bragging;
-snild, f. eloquence;
-star, m., gru Svar kurr mikinn ok mlti hverr -sta annars, all spoke at once (or in one wa?);
-sveimr, m. rumour;
-tiltekja, f. utterance, language;
-tki, n., -tkja, f., -tk, n. pl. mode of expression.
or-bginn, a. taunting;
-djarfr, a. outspoken;
-fall, n., e-m verr -fall, one is struck dumb;
-farinn, a., vel

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