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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


(2) to raise, lift (o. lkam hins helga lafs); egar er slu var ofrat, as soon as the sun had risen; o. sr, to raise the head, appear (lr eigi langt r gmul hlni ofrar sr); (3) refl., ofrast, to become known (Gumundr vildi eigi at o. lta); to pride oneself (af e-u).
ofraar-mar, m. a notable man;
-rangr, a. exceedingly perverse;
-synd, f. pride, presumption;
-vel, exceedingly well;
-rekmar, m. an exceeding strong (courageous) man.
ofrar (gen. -ar), m. notification, disclosure; bera e-t ofra, to make known, divulge.
ofr-afl, n. = ofrefli, ofrki.
ofran, f. pride, self-assumption.
ofr-st, f. passionate love.
of-raun, f. too great a trial, too severe a test;
-rausn, f. presumption;
-r, n. (1) too great a task (tti honum etta ofr vera); (2) too high a match (orsteinn kva sr at ofr).
ofr-drr, a. over-dear;
-efli, n. (1) overwhelming force (essi mar brzt mti miklu ofrefli); (2) Oddr kva sr at eigi ofrefli, O. said it was not beyond his strength; (3) excess, immensity (ofrefli frosts ok kulda).
ofreflis-mar, m. powerful man.
of-refsan, f. too great severity in punishing;
-rembingr, m. arrogant person;
-reyna (-da, -dr), v. to put to too severe a test; ofreyna sik, to overstrain oneself.
ofr-f, n. immensity of goods;
-fjldi, m. immense host;
-gangr, m. = ofgangr;
-garpr, m. overdaring man;
-gjold, n. pl. dire retribution;
-harmr, m. overwhelming sorrow;
-hefnd, f. fearful vengeance;
-hiti, m. excessive heat;
-hugi, m. (1) a fearless, daring man; (2) = -hugr;
-hugr, m. dauntless courage.
of-rki, n. overbearing, tyranny.
ofrkis-mar, m. overbearing man.
ofr-kapp, n. excessive zeal, stubbornness (verja ml me -kappi).
ofrkapps-fullr, a. overbearing;
-mar, m. overbearing man.
ofr-kuldi, m. excessive cold;
-lengi, adv. very long;
-li, n. overwhelming force; bera e-n ofrlii, to overpower;
-liga, adv. exceedingly (ofrliga fagr);
-ligr, a. excessive;
-menni, n. mighty champion;
-mikill, a. very great;
-mlgi, f. great babbling or vaunting;
-mli, n. = yri;
-skjtt, adv. very soon;
-verkr, m. violent ache or pain;
-yra (-a, r), v. to address in big words;
-yri, n. high words;
-raut, f. hard trial;
-ungi, m. crushing weight;
-lvi, a. having over-drunk, the worse for drink.
ofsa (a), v. to puff oneself up, be arrogant (o. sr til vansa); refl., ofsast, to grow unruly (Jupiter tti flkit ofsast).
ofsa-harr, a. exremely hard, severe (-hr ver);
-mar, m. overbearing man;
-mikill, a. excessively great.
ofsi, m. overbearing, tyranny.
of-sjnir, f. pl., sj ofsjnum yfir e-u, to look down upon, despise (sr n ofsjnum yfir flestum bstum).
ofskaps-mar, m. proud man.
of-skemtan, f. excessive pleasure;
-skvaldr, n. excess of talking;
-skynja, a. indecl. looking down upon (vera e-m ofskynja);
-skn, f. persecution.
ofstopa-mar, m. overbearing man.
of-stopi, m. overbearing arrogance;
-stri, n. unmanageable thing;
-stki, n. ferocity, vehemence;
-stri, n. haughtiness, pride;
-skja (see skja), v. to persecute;
-skjandi, m. persecutor;
-sgn, f. exaggeration;
-sgur, f. pl. exaggeration; eigi m ofsgum segja fr vitsmunum num, your intelligence cannot be too highly praised;
-tekja, f. taking too much to oneself;
-tign, f. too great honour;
-vald, n. = -rki;
-ver, n. = -viri;
-verkr, m. excessive pain;
-viri, n. violent gale;
-vilnan, f. conceit, presumption;
-viring, f. too great honour;
-vgiligr, -vgr, a. immense, overwhelming;
-vni, n. anxious expectation;
-r, f. immoderate lust;
-gli, f. stubborn silence.
ok, conj. (1) and; bi ... ok, both ... and (b. er hann vitr ok framgjarn); (2) in comparison, as, and; sami mar ok r, the same man as

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