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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


landi); o. or o., down upon (leggr Refr hann o. aptr klin, ok ar leggst lfds o. klin); besides ( etta o. allt geri hann sur at oss rettn sktur); ola hverja skmm ara o., to bear one disgrace after another; o. or o., to boot, into the bargain, = ar o.; o. eptir, down along (rei hann o. eptir dal); o. fr, below (var verkr enni hgri kinn o. fr auganu); o. fyrir, down over (hann fll daur o. fyrir klettinn); fyrir ofan, above (arfasta, er hr stendr fyrir o. hsin); steinveggr var fyrir o., above, higher up.
ofan-fall, n. (1) downfall; (2) downpour of rain (var vertta ill ok-fll);
-fr, -ganga, f. descending, descent;
-hgg, n. cutting down;
-rei, f. riding downwards.
ofar-la, -liga, adv. (1) high up, in the upper part (-liga dalnum); eim mun brn brega ok -liga klja, they will make a wry face and their pates will tingle; fig., bta e-m -la, to bite one sharply; (2) of time, towards the end of a certain period; -liga dgum lafs konungs, in the later part of the reign of King Olaf (= ofanverum dgum).
ofarr, adv. compar. (1) higher up (annat augat mun o. en annat); fig., lt eigi o. koma essa flsku, let not this nonsense go farther; (2) later, move advanced in time; (3) o. meirr = ofarr;
ofarst, adv. superl. highest, uppermost.
of-t,n. over-eating, gluttony;
-beldi, n. violence, overbearing;
-bri, f. passion, rashness;
-dirf, f. foolhardiness, impudence.
ofdirfar-fullr, -samr, a. foolhardy, impudent.
of-dramb, n. arrogance, conceit.
ofdrambs-fullr, a. arrogant.
of-drykkja, f. indulgence in drink.
ofdrykkju-mar, m. drunkard.
of-dul, f. too great conceit;
-dulinn, a. self-conceited;
-dyri, n. 'over-door', lintel;
-fari, a. having gone too far; vera offari vi e-n, to transgress against one;
-fors, n. presumption.
offr, n. offering (frnir ea offr; offr hins heilaga lafs).
offra (a), v. (1) to make an offering, sacrifice (o. e-m e-t); (2) to make a gift, to present; o. e-m e-u (hann offrai miklu f til grafar drottins).
of-framskni, f. over-temptation;
-fylli, f. surfeit, gluttony;
-gangr, m. excess; ganga ofgangi (-gngum) yfir e-n, to tyrannize;
-gangsi, a. over-prevailing;
-gakostr, m. great advantage;
-harmr, m. excessive grief;
-hiti, m. excessive heat;
-hltr, m. immoderate laughter;
-jarl, m. 'over-earl', over-match (vera mr sumir ofjarlar hr herainu);
-kapp, n. stubbornness;
-ktr, a. overbearing, wanton;
-kerski, f. excessive petulance;
-kvni, n. domineering of a wife;
-kti, f. wantonness;
-lti, m. a vain, showy person;
-ltligr, a. showy;
-lttliga, adv. promptly;
-lttr, a. prompt, easy, ready;
-leyfingi, m. a person made too much of;
-li, n. = ofrli;
-ljtr, a. hideous;
-lti, n. arrogance;
-mar, m. over-match; vera e-m ofmar, to be more than a match for;
-magn, n. = ofli; bera e-n ofmagni, to overpower.
ofmetnaar-fullr, a. full of pride;
-mar, m. overproud man;
-samligr, a. arrogant (-samlig or).
of-metnar, m. pride, arrogance;
-metnast (a), v. to pride oneself;
-mun, f. sensuality;
-mlgi, f. excessive loquacity;
-mli, n. exaggeration (er at ok ekki ofmli, at).
ofn (-s, -ar), m. oven, furnace.
of-neyzla, f. intemperance.
ofn-grjt, n. oven-stones;
-reykr, m. smoke from an oven.
ofra (a), v. (1) to brandish, wave in the air, with dat. (o. vpnum snum);

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