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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


oblta, f. sacramental wafer.
odda-mar, m. overman (who gives the casting vote); umpire.
odd-hagr, a. skilled in wood-carving;
-hending, f. the first rhyming syllable, when at the beginning of a line;
-hvass, a. sharp-pointed.
oddi, m. (1) triangle, point of land; (2) odd number; fig., standast (skerast) odda, to be at odds, at variance.
oddr (-s, -ar), m. (1) point of a weapon; me oddi ok eggju, with point and edge, at the sword's point, by force (heimta, eya e-t me oddi ok eggju); brjta odd af oflti snu, to break the point of one's pride, to humble oneself; (2) spear (flvir oddar); (3) spur (tt vr ji ra oddum keyrum); (4) leader (hann var o. ok sir fyrir essum rum); (5) the front (hann hafi yxnum skipat odd lii snu).
odd-viti, m. leader, chief (-viti lis-ins, fyrir liinu).
of, prep. (1) with dat. and acc., over = yfir (fara of fjll; sitja of bori); of time, = um; of haust or of haustum, in the autumn; of aptaninn, in the evening; of hr, for a while; of allt, always; (2) with acc. of, about (bera vitni of e-t); (3) in a casual sense, poet.; of sanna sk, for a just cause, justly.
of, an enclitic particle, chiefly placed before verbs; ek drykk of gat ens dra mjaar, I got a draught of the precious mead.
of, n. (1) great quantity, number; of fjr, immensity of wealth; of lis, a vast host of men; (2) excess; vi of, to excess; tti hirmnnum hans vi of, they thought it was beyond measure; (3) pride, conceit (kirkjan verr eigi sv mikil, at ar muni of itt allt liggja).
of, adv. (1) with adjectives and adverbs; too; of gamall, ungr, langr, stuttr, too old, young, long, short; of mjk, too much; of lengi, too long; (2) with the neuter of a past part. over-much, too much; hafa of drukkit, to have drunk too much; hafa of grt, to have transgressed; hafa of mlt, to have said too much; hafa of teki vi e-n, to have gone too far.
ofan, adv. (1) from above, down, downwards; falla o., to fall down; taka o. hsin, to pull down the house; (2) on the uppermost part, at the top (klettrinn var vr o.); (3) above the surface of, with gen. (o. jarar); (4) with preps., o. af, down from (o. af

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