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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


(2) opinion (vil ek heyra fleiri manna -skurđ um ţetta mál);
-slit, n. pl. final decision (hann veitti engi –slit);
-völ, n. pl. refuse, what is left over.
ósk, f. wish; yđr gengr allt at óskum, everything succeeds to your wishes.
óska-byrr, m. a fair wind to one's heart's content;
-sonr, m. adopted son;
-vel, adv. just as one wishes, exceedingly well.
ósk-barn, -berni, n. adopted child;
-mćr, f. chosen maid;
-mögr, m. = óskasonr, beloved son.
ós-mynni, n. mouth of an estuary.
óss (gen. óss, pl. ósar), m. (1) mouth or outlet of a river or lake (Danubius fellr međ sjau ósum til sjófar); (2) fountain-head (at ósi skal á stemma).
óst, f., óstr, m. throat, = hóstr (hann var lostinn öru í óstinn).
ósvift, a. n., see 'úsvift'
ótta, f. the last part of the night.
ótta-bolđ, n. feelng, afraid, fear, anxiety;
-bragđ, n. an air of being afraid;
-fenginn, -fullr, a. terrified;
-lauss, a. fearless (verit řruggir ok -lausir);
-laust, not to be feared, without danger (var ţar ţá allt -laust);
ligr, a. fearful, terrible;
mikill, a. full of fear; ţá gřrđist -mikit međ Böglum, the B. were much afraid;
samligr, a. = -ligr; -sleginn, pp. terror-stricken.
óttast (), v. refl. to fear. e-n); ó. at sér, um sik, to be anxious (concerned) about oneself.
ótti, m. (1) fear, dread; svá var ţeim ö1lum mikill ó. at honum, they were all so much afraid of him; (2) a cause of fear, dreadful thing (ó. var at sjá í augu honum, ef hann var reiđr).
óttu-songr, m. matins.
Óttusóngs-mál, n. the time of matins;
-tíđir, f. pl. prayers at matins.

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