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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


we shall stay nearly a week; (4) in accordance with, in conformity to (n. tla ek at lgum ra); (5) near the truth (mttu n n. gta, hvar beina okkarra er at leita); (6) compar., nearer = nrr (ver eigi n. honum en ml nemi); fitter (vri n. miklu, at); (7) adv., when, = hve n. (n. skal mr at mbuna? sagi B.); B. spuri, n. eir mundu aptr koma, when they would be coming back.
nrgi, adv., n. er, n. sem, whensoever (n. er launat verr).
nr-gtr, a. guessing near the truth;
-gngull, a. (1) vera -gngull e-m, to be near about one's person; (2) troublesome, importunate;
-hendis, adv. near at hand.
nri, adv. near, = nrri.
nri-kominn, pp. entitled to;
-kona, f. mid-wife;
kvma, f. coming near;
kvmr, a. (1) coming near to, close; (2) that concerns a person (etta ml er mr miklu nausynligra ok -kvmara);
-kmr, a. accurate.
nrr, adv. compar. nearer, answering to 'nr', near.
nrri, adv. near, nearer, = nr.
nrri, a. compar. (answering to superl. 'nstr'), nearer; more entitled to (tt r s n. arfi).
nr-spr, a. prophesying true;
-snn, a. short-sighted;
-vera, f. presence;
-verandi, pr. p. present.
nst, adv. superl. (1) nearest, next; n. Skotlandi, nearest to Scotland; v n., essu n., ar n., next to that, thereafter, thereupon; (2) last (er n hgra en n. er ek beidda); (3) nearest the truth (vil ek, at r reynit, hverir munu n. st hafa).
nsta, adv. (1) nearly, almost (uru gngumenn n. at gjalti); (2) rather, very (n. gamall, glar).
nsta, f. the last time, only in dat. with the art., nstunni.
nsta-brra, f. a female second cousin;
-brri, -brrungr, m. a male second cousin.
nstr, a. superl. (1) next; Hrtr sat hit nsta honum, sat next him; tk Hrafn lgsgu n. lfljti, next after U.; hinn nsta vetr, the next winter; (2) next preceding (hann hafi sekr orit it nsta sumar); nsta sinni, the last time; (3) nearest in point of right or title, best entitled to (vr erum nstir sigrinum).
nstum, adv. next before, the last time (sv skildum vr n.).
ntr-, gen. from 'ntt', 'ntt';
-bl, n. = nttbl;
-elding, f. dawn;
-ferir, f. pl. night wanderings;
-frir, m. peace, truce during the night;
-gestr, m. night-guest;
-gisting, f. night-lodging;
-greiing, f. - -greii;
-langt, adv. during one night;
-ligr, a. nocturnal;
-skemtan, f. night-enjoyment;
-vist, f. night-quarters (au bu sr ar -vistar).
-nttr, a., in compds., as 'einntr'.
nfr, a. clever, skilled.
ng, f. plenty, abundance.
ngja (-i, -t), v. to be enough, suffice; impers., e-m ngir, it is sufficient for one; refl., ngjast, to suffice (ngist honum eigi allr heimr).
nra (-a, -r), v. to nourish, refresh; refl., nrast, to assume fresh vigour, recover, rally (nrist hn sv sem fr lei).
nring, f. nourishment, food, sustenance (lkams nring).
nf (gen. nafar, pl. nafar and nafir), f. (1) nave of a wheel; (2) the pole of the world; (3) esp. pl. clasps, rings (by which the projecting ends of beams at the corneres of walls were held together).
nkkur, adv. somewhere, anywhere.
nkkurnig (= nkkurn veginn), adv. in some way.
nkkurr, indef. pron. (1) any, anybody (fyrst vill hann spyrja, ef n. er frr mar inni); after a negative ( ngum b fannst n. mar); (2) opp. to 'engi', some (eir fengu nllira njsn af fer strar); neut., nkkut, something, somewhat, anything (ef r ykkir n. veitt lgjf inni); hann spuri, ef ar vri n. manna, he asked if there were any men there; nkkurs til ungr, somewhat (rather) too heavy; sv nkkuru (nkkvi)

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