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... In Iron Age Britain two brothers struggle for supremacy. The Archdruid prophesies kingship for one, banishment for the other. But it is the exiled brother who will lead the Celts across the Alps into deadly collision with Rome...
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


mttu nytjum koma); fra sr e-t nyt, to make use of, avail oneself of (frir Sveinn konungr sr allt n. at, er til viringar mtti vera); (3) pl. pleasure, enjoyment (Hrafn kvast engar nytjar hafa Helgu).
nytja (a), to milk (n. rnar); nytjast, to yield milk (f nytjaist illa).
nytja-fullr, a. full of profit, highly profitable;
-lauss, a. useless;
-mar, m. a useful, worthy man.
nytjungr (-s, -ar), m. = nytjamar.
nyt-lauss, a. useless;
-lttr, a. yielding little milk;
-samligr, a. useful;
-semd, f. use, usefulness.
nytsemdar-lauss, a. useless;
-mar, m. = nytjamar (slkr -mar sem lafr konungr);
-verk, n. useful work.
nyt-semi, f. usefulness, = nytsemd.
n, n. the new or waxing moon (n ok ni skpu nt regin).
n-, newly, recently, may be prefixed to almost every ppl.;
-alinn, -borinn, new-born;
-andar, -dinn, newly dead;
-farinn, having newly gone;
-fenginn, just recovered;
-kominn, just come;
-orinn, having just happened; hafi hann -skilist vi Tnbergs menn, he had newly parted from them;
-vaknar, newly wakened.
n-breytiligr, a. unusual, strange;
-breytinn, a. changeable;
-breytni, f. novelty, innovation;
-fenni, n. fresh fallen snow;
-grving, f. novelty, innovation.
njung, f. innovation (landsflkit var gjarnt alla n.)
n-liga, adv. newly, recently;
-ligr, a. (1) new, recent; (2) present;
-lunda, f. novelty, a new, strange thing (segja kunnu vr - lundu nkkura);
-lsi, n. light of the waxing moon (sigla um nttina vi -lsi);
-mli, n. (1) news, novelty; (2) new law;
-nmi, n. novelty, = -lunda (at var til -nmis, at);
-nmligr, a. novel.
nyr (acc. njan), a. (1) new (n. trnar); af nju, anew, again; nst nss, just recently (at vann nst nss nir Ylvinga); (2) fresh (ntt kjt, nir fiskar).
nra (pl. nru), n. kidney.
n-rliga, adv. oddly, queerly.
nsa (-ta, -t), v. to pry, peer; nstak nir, I peered down; sv nsisk frra hverr fyrir, thus every wise man looks about him (= nsir f. h. fyrir sik).
n-snvi, n. fresh snow (fll -snvi mikit, sv at grla s veguna).
nta (-tta, -ttr), v. (1) to make use of; ek tla, at ntir eigi boga minn, thou canst not wield my bow; absol., hann spuri san, hvrt mtti sv n., if that would do (be valid); n. af e-u, to derive benefit (pleasure) from (sj m, at ekki ntir hr af); eigi munu it lengr n. hvrt af ru, enjoy each other; (2) to eat, consume (n. svn); (3) fig., to bear, endure (hvrgi ttist n. mega, at eir vri eigi samt); (4) refl., ntast, to be of use, avail; etta verk m eigi n., it will not succeed, it is in vain.
ntandi, pr. p. fit to be used; n. menn = ntir menn.
nt-menni, n. = nytjamar.
ntr, a. fit, usable, useful (n. til verks); engu (til einskis) n., good for nothing; at engu ntu, to no use; of persons, able (enn ntasti fardrengr).
n-tungl, n. new moon;
-virki, n. marks of new work, of human hands.
nfr (pl. -rar), f. bark of the birch.
nfra-baggi, m. pack, bundle of birch bark;
-mar, m. a person clad in birch-bark;
-stka, f. sleeve of birch-bark.
nma (-da, -dr), v. to bereave, deprive of (n. e-n e-u, lfi, fjrvi).
nmi, n. study, learning.
nm-leikr, m. quickness to learn.
nmr, a. (1) quick at learning; (2) deprived of (= nmdr e-u).
nr, adv. and prep. with dat. (1) near, in the vicinity (of); n. ea fjarri, near or far; n. staddr, present; brautu n., near the road; n. v sem, neara the place where (ar nesinu, n. v sem ingit hafi verit); ar n., in the vicinity (sveinarnir hlaupa til skgar, er ar var n.); (2) towards, of time (n. aptni, morni); (3) nearly; n. tta tigir manna or n. tta tigum manna, nearly eighty men; ar kmu menn af n. llum lndum, almost from all countries; n. viku munu vi dveljast,

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