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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


-verr, a. northern ( -verum himins enda);
-vindr, m. north wind.
norar-la, -liga, adv. far to the north (s ey liggr -liga fyrir Noregi).
norarr, adv. compar. farther north (aldri kom hann n. en Eyjafjr).
norarri, a. compar. more northerly.
norastr, a. superl. most northerly.
nor-lendingar, m. pl. the men of the north quarter (of Iceland);
-lenzkr, a. from the north (of Iceland).
Nor-mar, m. Northman; Norwegian (Danir ok Normenn).
norr, n. the north; n., n., til norrs, northwards (hlt R. konungr n. me landi); in the north (n. rndheimi).
norr-tt, f. = -tt;
-dyrr, f. pl. northern doors;
-fer, f. journey to the north;
-hallt, adv. in a northerly direction;
-hlfa, f. the north region, esp. Europe;
-land, n. (1) north-land, esp. the north quarter of Iceland; (2) pl., -lnd, the northern countries, esp. Scandinavia;
-ljs, n. pl. northern lights;
-sjr, m. the northern arm of the sea;
-stka, f. the north transept of a church;
-sveitir, f. pl. the northern districts;
-vegar, m. pl. northern region;
-tt, f. the north.
nor-rnn, a. northerly, blowing from north ( var -rnt, viz. ver).
Noregr, m. Norway, = Norvegr.
Noregs-konungr, m. king of Norway;
-mar, m. Norwegian.
norn (pl. -ir), f. (1) one of (three) Fates (Urr, Verandi, Skuld, who dwelt at the well 'Urar-brunnr' and ruled the fate of the world); (2) one of various female beings presiding over human fortunes.
norrna, f. (1) the Norse (Norwegian) tongue; (2) breeze from the north.
norrna (a), to render into Norse.
norrnn, a. Norse, Norwegian.
norrnnu-bk, f. a book written in Norse;
-skldskapr, m. Norse poetry.
Norvegr, m. Norway, = Noregr.
ng, ng, adv. enough.
ng-ligr, a., ngr, a. ample, abundant = gngligr, gngr.
nn, n. the time about three o' clock p.m. (B. kva vera nr nni dags).
nna, f. nones, the office for the ninth hour (gekk konungr til nnu).
nn-heilagr, a. holy from 'nn' or three o' clock; lta -heilagt, to keep the day holy after three o' clock;
-helgr, f. none-holiness;
-hringing, f. peal of bells at nones;
-klokka, f. nones-bell;
-skei, n. the hour of nones;
-tir, f. pl. the office at nones.
nt (pl. ntr), f. pl. large net.
ntera (a), v. to note, mark.
nti, m. (1) mark, token; (2) note (in music).
nti, m. match, equal, = maki, lki.
ntt (gen. ntr, pl. ntr), f. night, = ntt; at miri n., of mija n., about midnight; um nttina, through the night, during the night; um nttina r, the preceding night; n., tonight (eigi mun hann lta drepa Egil n.); the last night (ek k n. eptir vii); ntr ok daga, both by day and by night; nttin helga, the holy night, Christmas night.
numinn, pp. from 'nema', seized, palsied (allr numinn rum megin).
nunna, f. nun;
nunnu-klaustr, n.,
-setr, n. nunnery;
-vgsla, f.; taka -vgslu, to take the veil.
n, adv. now (var-at at n n gr); in a narrative, now, next (n er ar til mls at taka).
na (n, nera, ninn), v. = gna.
n-ligr, a. present (-ligir hlutir).
nna, adv. now, just now.
nykr (gen. -rs, pl. nykrar), m. (1) a fabulous water-being (mostly appearing in the shape of a grey horse); (2) the hippopotamus.
nyrri, a. compar. more northerly.
nyrztr, a. superl. most northerly.
nyt (pl. nytjar), f. (1) milk (of sheep and cows); (2) esp. pl., use, advantage; hn leyfi Vala brur snum nytjar Brekkulandi, use of the land; hafa nytjar af e-u, h. nytjar e-s, to derive benefit from (engar nytjar munu menn hafa Haflia); koma nytjum e-t, to bring into use, make profitable (vkingar tku f at allt, er eir

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