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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


sv vi garinn); (2) to pierce (with a sword or spear).
nisti, n. brooch, pin, = nist.
nisting, f. fastening.
n, adv. no, = nei (allir n kvu).
n, n. (1) contumely, derision (segja e-m n.); (2) libel (yrkja, kvea n. um e-n); (3) insult by carving a person's likeness (trn) on an upraised post or pole (nstng).
na (-dda, -ddr), v. (1) to libel, lampoon; (2) refl., nast e-m, to behave in a dastardly way to a person (at Noregsmenn hfu nst lafi konungi); n. e-u, to act basely in a thing (hvrki skal ek essu n. ok engu ru v er mr er til trat); n. tr sinni, to apostatize.
ningr (-s, -ar), m. villain, scoundrel, vile wretch; apostate.
ning-skapr, m. villainy, baseness.
nings-nafn, n. the name of a villain; bera -nafn, to be called a 'niingr';
-or, n. = -nafn;
-r, n. a villainous plot;
-sk, f. a charge of villainy;
-verk, n. dastard's work, villainy;
-vg, n. foul murder.
n-reising, f. the raising of a pole as an insult;
-samligr, a. mean, villainous;
-skr, -skldinn, a. libellous, of a poet;
-stng, f. pole of insult;
-virki, n. villainy;
-vsa, f. lampoon, insulting verse.
n-kva (-dda, -ddr), v. to deny.
n-rr, a. (1) measuring ninety (fathoms, ells); (2) ninety years old.
nta (a, or -tta, -ttr), v. to deny, refuse, with dat.
nti-lgr, a. refusable, rejectable.
n-tjn, a. nineteen;
-tjndi, a. nineteenth;
-togandi, a. ninetieth.
ntta (a), v. = nta.
n-tugr, a. ninety years old.
nu, a. nine (nu eru himnar).
nund, f. body of nine; rennar nundir meyja, three nines of maids.
nundi, a. ninth.
njarar-vttr, m. sponge.
njar-lss, m. a charmed lock.
njsn (pl. -ir), f. (1) spying, scouting, looking out (senda mann n., hafa menn njsnum); vera n., to be on the look-out; (2) news (engi n. fr fyrir eim); gra e-m n., to send one intelligence.
njsna (a), v. to spy (vil ek n., hvers ek vera vss); n. um e-t, to spy after, seek to find out (n. um athafnir e-s).
njsnar-berg, n. a look-out hill;
-fr, f. spying journey;
-mar, m. spy;
-skip, n.,
-skta, f. spying-ship.
njta (nt; naut, nutum; notit), v. (1) to have the use or benefit of, to enjoy ( skalt n. kvikfjr ns ok vera brottu fr Helgafelli); skal hann n. draums sns, he shall have his dream out; njt heill handa, good luck go with your hands; (2) to derive benefit from, profit by; Egils nauztu at v, fur ns, you had your father Egil to thank for that; ltt ltr mik n. frndsemi fr r, you let me have little profit of kinship with you; nauzt n ess, at ek var eigi vi binn, it was your good fortune that I was not ready for you; n. e-s vi, to receive help at one's hands; mun ek yvar vera vi at n., I shall have need of your help; n. af e-u, to consume (naut vru rin, nutum af strum); (3) impers., ekki ntr slar, there is no sun; naut at v mest hans forellris, at, it was chiefly due to his forefathers that; ess naut mjk vi rndheimi (it helped greatly), at menn ttu ar mikil forn korn; (4) recipr., njtast, to enjoy each other (orveig seiddi til ess, at au skyldi eigi n. mega).
Njrr (gen. Njarar, dat. Niri), n. Njord, one of the old Northern gods.
Njrva-sund, n. the Strait of Gibraltar (at Njrvasundum).
noran, adv. from the north (koma, fara, ra, sigla n.); vindr var n., the wind blew from the north; n. af Hlogalandi, from H. in the north; n. at, on the north side of (G. ok N. stu n. at dminum); fyrir n. (with acc.), north of (fyrir n. heiina); fyrir n. land, in the north (of Iceland).
noran-fjarar, adv. north of the firth;
-lands, adv. in the north;
-mar, m. a man from the north;
-stormr, m. a storm from the north;
-ver, n. wind from the north (eir tku -ver sv hr, at bar sur

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