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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


acc. and absol. (Flosi mlti ekki or mean); m. mrgum orum, to use many words; m. e-n orum, to address one; m. mli, to speak a (foreign) language; m. ru, to express fear, despondency; m. lg, to speak law, have law on one's side in pleading; m. mlum, to plead a cause; m. mlt ml, to speak what others say; (2) to stipulate, appoint, settle (var sv mlt, at S. jarl skyldi koma til Dyflinnar); m. mt me sr, to fix an interview; m. sr e-t, to claim for oneself (ef vilt r m. man); (3) with preps., m. aptr, to retract (one's words); m. mli, to speak a language (m. Irsku); m. eptir e-n, to take up the prosecution in the case of a slain man ( tt eptir hraustan mann at m.); m. eptir e-m, to take one's part; m. fyrir, to order, prescribe (sagi Jfrr honum, ar barnit er t borit, sem hann hafi fyrir mlt); m. fyrir e-u, to claim; allt at silfr, er hann mlti fyrir, which he had bargained for; m. fyrir grium, to declare a truce (by using the proper formula); m. vel fyrir e-m, to express a wish for a person's good fortune (G. gaf sveininum gullsylgju ok mlti vel fyrir honum); m. fyrir skipi, to say the prayer when a ship puts to sea; m. fyrir minni, to propose a toast; m. mti e-u, to gainsay, oppose, object to (allir heinir menn mltu mti); m. til e-s, to speak to one; hn mlti til hans djarfliga, she spoke up to him boldly; to speak of one (Gunnar hafi aldri illa mlt til Njlssona); m. til e-s, to express a wish for a thing (eir mltu til vinttu me sr at skilnai); m. til friar, to sue for peace; m. e-t til e-s, to claim, call for as payment (eir fru lengi undan ok mltu til f mikit at lyktum); m. um e-t, to say about a thing (G. spuri, hvat hann mlti um hrossin); to utter, say solemnly (at lt ek vera um mlt, at); m. e-n undan e-u, to beg one off from (m. e-n undan daua); m. vi e-n, to speak to (G. mlti vi gmund: fylg eim til hsa minna); m. vi e-u, to gainsay, refuse; (4) refl., mlast fyrir, to speak (hv , Gangrr, mlist af glfi fyrir?); to pray, say one's prayers (leggst hann nir ok mlist n fyrir, sem honum tti vnligast); mlist e-t vel (illa) fyrir, it is well (ill) spoken of (vg Gunnars spurist ok mltist illa fyrir um allar sveitir); m. um, to speak of; m. undan, to excuse oneself, decline (hann mltist undan); m. vi, to speak to one another (ekki mltust eir fleira ann dag vi); m. einn (saman) vi, to talk to oneself; to have the word alone; impers., e-m mlist vel, one speaks well, makes a good speech (sögu menn, at honum mltist vel); m. sr konu, to court (woo) a lady (ef vilt r m. man).
mla (-da, -dr), v. to measure.
mlandi (pl. endr), m. pleader.
mlgi, f. prattle, much talking.
mli-hlass, n. measured cartload;
-ker, -kerald, n. vessel used as a measure.
mling (pl. ar), f. (1) measuring, measurement; (2) dimension.
mlir (gen. is, pl. ar), m. measure.
mlska, f. (1) eloquence; (2) idiom.
mlsku-mar, m. orator.
mltr, pp. spoken; esp. in compds., lg-, marg-, stutt-mltr.
mr, a. = mjr (poet.).
mr (gen. meyjar, dat. mey or meyju, acc. mey, pl. meyjar), f. (1) maid, girl, virgin (fr?m sem ungar meyjar; (2) poet. daughter, answering to 'm?gr' (egi Frigg, ert Fjrgyns mr).
mra (-a, -r), v. to praise, laud; m. e-n e-u, to decorate with.
mringr (-s, -ar), m. a noble man.
mrr, a. famous, glorious, illustrious (m. j?furr; mrir tvar).
mta-gripr, m. costly thing;
-mar, m. worthy man.
mti, n. pl. (1) good things (m?rg veit ek m. mr gengin fr); (2) hafa m. e-u, to have a fancy for, value highly (lt oss sj naut au, er hefir sv mikil m. ); leggja m. e-n, to take a fancy for.
mti-ligr, a. costly, valuable.
mtis-mar, m. = mtamar.
mtr, a. costly, excellent, worthy.
mtur, f. pl., = mti (2).
ma (-dda, -ddr), v. to make

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