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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


weary (mr), exhaust, plague; refl., mast, to become wearied or exhautsed (mddust eir af kulda.)
ma, f. trouble, trial, distress.
mgin, n. pl. mother and son(s).
mgur, f. pl. mother and daughter.
mi, f. weariness, exhaustion, shortness of breath;
-liga, adv. wearily; varp hann ?ndinni liga, he drew his breath painfully;
-ligr, a. troublesome, painful.
ming, f. trouble, = ma.
mi-samligr, -samr, a. troublesome, exhausting.
mna (-da, -dr), v. (1) to provide with a ridge; (2) to tower (m. upp r).
mnir (gen. is), m. ridge of a house (hann hljp upp mninn).
mrskr, a. belonging to the district of Mri in Norway.
mta, (-tta, -tt), v. (1) to meet (ar mtti hann Grmi inum raua); (2) to meet with, suffer (bndi s, er skaanum mtti); (3) refl. mtast, to meet one another (eir mttust frnum vegi); to join, meet (ar er mtist Sogn ok H?raland).
mögl, n. murmuring, grumbling.
mgla (a), v. to murmur, grumble.
möglan, f. murmuring.
mglanar-samr, a. given to grumbling (rllinn grist samr).
mgr (gen. magar, dat. megi; pl. megir, acc. mgu), m. (1) son (mey frumunga fal hann megi Gjka); (2) boy, youth (eir ltu mg ungan til moldar hnga).
mgu-ligr, a. possible (sem fremst var honum ligt).
mk, n. pl. intercourse, dealings.
mkkr (dat. mekki), m. dense cloud.
ml (gen. malar), f. shingle, pebbles, gravel (Flosi var uppi m?linni).
mölr (gen. malar; pl. melir, acc. mölu), m. moth.
mlva (mlda), v. to crush, pound.
mön (gen. manar, pl. manar), f. mane of a horse; skera mn, to cut the mane; mrum snum m. jafnai, he trimmed the manes of his horses.
möndull (dat. möndli), m. handle of a quern (tkum mndli skarpara).
mn-skurr, m. mane-cutting.
mpurr, m. maple-tree.
mr-bjga, n. sausage of suet (mrr) and meat;
-fjndi, m, 'suet-fiend', = mör-landi.
mrr (gen. marar, dat. meri), m. marten (cf. 'marskinn').
mörk (gen. merkr, pl. merkr), f. mark, by weight or value, = eight ounces (tta aurar).
mrk (gen. markar and merkr, pl. markir and merkr), f. forest.
mr-landi, m. 'suet-lander', a nickname given to the Icelanders by the Norwegians.
mrr (gen. mrs), m. suet (mrr ea feiti frnar hverrar).
mru-eldr, m. phosphorescence.
mskvi, m. mesh (ra mökva).
mösmar, m. pl. treasures (poet.).
mösurr, m. maple.
mösur-bolli, m.,
-skl, f. mazer bowl or cup;
-tr, n. maple-tree;
mttul-band, n. mantle-tie;
möttull (dat. möttli), m. mantle.
möttul-skaut, n. mantle-skirt.
mötu-nautr, m. messmate;
-neyti, n. messmateship.

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