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Viktor Rydberg's Investigations into Germanic Mythology Volume II  : Part 2: Germanic Mythology
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


mrr, m. wall (of brick or stone).
ms (pl. mss), f. (1) mouse (sv hrddr sem m. skreppu); (2) the biceps muscle in the arm (kom ein r handlegginn msina).
msa-gangr, m. inroad of mice.
msar-brag, n. a trick in wrestling.
mta, f. (1) fee, gratuity; em ek eigi vanr at taka mtur afli mnu, to exhibit my strength for money; (2) mla e-t mtur, to make a secret of, speak with reserve (ekki arf etta mtur at mla); (3) bribe.
mtar, pp. that has moulted or mewed (gshaukr fimm sinnum m.).
mtu-f, n. tribe;
-girni, f. corruption by bribery;
-gjarn, a. open to bribery;
-gjf, f. bribe-giving; something given as a bribe.
mygla (a), v. to grow mouldy or musty (at brau er n myglat).
mygla, f. mouldiness, mustiness.
myglugr, a. musty (myglugt brau).
myki, f. dung;
-reka, f. dung-shovel;
-skn, f. a cake of cow-dung.
mylja (myl, mulda, muldr), v. to crush to pieces (allt mylr hann me snum tnnum).
mylkja (-ta, -tr), v. to give suck.
mylna, f. mill.
mylnu-mar, m. miller.
mynd (pl. -ir), f. (1) shape, form (hverja m. sem hann hefir tekit sik); (2) image, figure; (3) manner; m. sem, in the same manner as; at nkkurri m., in some manner.
mynda (a), v. (1) to shape, form; m. e-t eptir e-u, to shape after, imitate; (2) to aim, point = munda; m. til e-s, to hint at (ekki arf hr at m. til ess, er oss er hug).
mynni, n. mouth (of a river, fjord).
myra (-ra, -rr), v. (1) to murder (mur tkt mna ok myrir til hnossa); (2) to conceal a murdered body (hann drap hann sofanda ok myri hann san); (3) to conceal, suppress (skal ek eigi m. etta konungsbrf).
myrginn, m. morning, = morginn.
myrk-blr, a. dark blue;
-blaur, a., -flinn, a. afraid in the dark;
-flni, f. fear in the dark;
-heimr, m. home of darkness;
-hrddr, -hr-inn, a. = -flinn.
myrkja (-ti), v. to grow dark (tekr n at m. af ntt).
myrk-leikr, m. darkness, obscurity.
myrkna (a), v. to grow dark.
myrk-ntti, n. the darkest part of the night, dead of night (eir kmu ar um -ntti).
myrkr (acc. myrkan, -van, -jan), a. (1) dark, murky (um kveldit, er myrkt var); myrkt var af ntt, the night was dark; gri-myrkt, it grew dark; (2) dark, obscure in meaning, hard to understand (myrkt ykki mr at mlt at kalla skldskap rne essum heitum).
myrkr, n. darkness (m. var mikit).
myrkra-fullr, a. full of darkness;
-star, m. place of darkness.
myrk-ria, f. 'night-rider', hag, witch (cf. 'kveldria').
myrkva (-ti), v. to grow dark; impers., en er ntt (acc.) myrkti, when the night grew dark; en er m. tk, when it began to grow dark.
myrkva-stofa, f. dungeon.
myrkvi, m. (1) darkness; (2) dense fog (cf. 'mjrkvi ').
myrk-vir, m. dark wood, mirkwood; also as a place-name.
mysa, f. whey.
m, n. midge (sv margir sem m).
m-bit, n. midge-bite.
mgja (-a, -r), v. to put down, oppress, with dat.
mkja, older form mkva (-ta, -tr), v. to smooth, soften; m. sik, to soften oneself; refl., mkjast, to be softened.
mkt, f. softness, kindness.
mll (-s, -ar), m. ball, stone.
mri-snpa, f. common snipe.
mr-lendi, n. boggy ground;
-lendr, a. boggy;
-ttr, a. = -lendr.
mrr (gen. mrar, acc, and dat. mri, pl. mrar), moor, bog, swamp.
msla, f., mslingr, m. little mouse.
mæ-fingr, a. = mjófingraðr.
mg, f. affinity by marriage.
mgi, n. = mg.
mgjast (), v. refl. to marry into a family (m. vi e-n).
mkir, m. a kind of sword.
mla (-ta, -tr), v. (1) to speak, with

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