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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


munn-eir, m. swearing (as a practice);
-fyllr, f. mouthful.
munni, m. mouth, opening.
munn-ltill, a. with a small mouth;
-ljtr, a. with an ugly-shaped mouth;
-nm, n.; me orum -nms, with the words of his mouth.
munnr (-s, -ar), old nom. mur,. m. (1) mouth; mla fyrir munni sr, to say in a low voice; e-m verr e-t munni, one happens to say (at var henni munni, er hn s etta : ' sj ben markar spjti spor '); mla af munni fram, to extemporize; (2) the steel edge of an axe or hammer.
munn-rugl, n. twaddle.
munns-hfn, f. language; hafa ga -hfn, to use good language.
munn-sklp, n. idle talk;
-vani, a. mouthless;
-vr, a. wide-mouthed.
munr (-ar, -ir), m. (1) mind; e-m leikr mun, one has a mind to, feels inclinded to ( = leikr e-m skapi); munar str, hearts grief; (2) mind, longing, delight; at mnum munum, to my mind; grta at mun, to weep heartily; at mannskis munum, to please anybody; leita e-m munar, to comfort one; (3) love; s inn mttki m., all-powerful love; vttak mns munar, I waited for my love; komast muni vi e-n, to insinuate oneself, become intimate, with one.
munr (-ar, -ir), m. (1) difference (hv grir sv mikinn mun barnanna); er ess, mikill m., hvrt, it makes a great difference, whether; (2) moment, importance; e-m er m. undir e-u, it is of importance to one (at hann skyldi segja honum hluti, er honum vri m. undir at vita); e-m er m. at e-u, it is of some moment (ok mtti r vera munr at, at eir vri r heldr sinnair en mti); meta muninn, to hesitate (Hrlfr mat eigi munin eptir eim at fara); Grmr gri ok ann mun allan, er hann mtti, G. strained every nerve; (3) the dat. ' muni ' or ' mun ' before a compar., somewhat ( = nkkuru), considerably, a good deal; ljstu mun kyrrara, strike somewhat more gently; me muni minna lii, with consideralby less force; adding a pronoun, eim mun (before a compar.) = v; ein mun betr, so much the better; engum mun = engu; engum mun verr, no worse; (4) what is wanted, required; er mikilla muna vant or vant, much is wanting (tti honum mikilla muna vant, at vel vri); E. hafi eigi skaplyndi til at bija konung hr neinna muna um, E. was too proud to beg anything in this case; (5) adverbial phrases, fyrir hvern mun, by all means; fyrir engan mun, by no means; (6) means, things; at eigi muni r alla yra muni til leggja, that you will not contribute all your means, strain every nerve; biskup las fyrst smm ok smm munina fyrir eim, expounded all the details for them.
mun-r, n. dearest wish (hefk mns fur -r brotit).
munu (man or mun, munda; pret. infin. mundu), v. (1) as an auxiliary verb simply denoting futurity, shall, will; munu margir ess gjalda, many will smart for it; ok mun hann hr koma brtt, and he will be here speedily; (2) denoting what is probable or pretty certain, is sure to, must; munt vera feigr mar, thou are surely a death-doomed man; n mun fair minn daur vera, now my father must be dead; (3) in past tenses, would (eigi mundak tra); must, kva hann n mundu daua, he said that now they must be dead.
mun- (contr. from ' mun-ug ', ' mun-hug '), f. pleasure, lust, love.
mun-ligr, a. sensual;
-lfi, n. life of pleasure or lust.
mura, f. silver-weed, goose grass.
murra (a), v. to murmur.
mustari, musteri, n. temple.
mga-slttr, m. mowing in swaths.
mgi, m. (1) swath; (2) crowd (me mga hers); cf. ' almgi '.
mgr, m. crowd, common people (allr m. Sva hljp upp); heimskr m., the foolish mob.
ml-binda, v. to muzzle (Oddr mlbindr unga gammsins).
mli, m. (1) muzzle, snout; (2) projecting mountains, ' mull '.
mll (-s, -ar), m. mule.

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