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Viktor Rydberg's Investigations into Germanic Mythology Volume II  : Part 2: Germanic Mythology
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


= til mts vi, see 'mt' 4 (ek skal fara m. vi ).
mt-settr, pp. adverse to (e-m);
-sninn, pp. adverse, opposed to (e-m);
-staa, f. resistance;
-staligr, a. opposing, hostile.
mt-stefna, f. a meeting previously fixed or arranged.
mt-stligr, a. = -staligr.
mtstu-flokkr, m. opposition party;
-mair, m. antagonist, adversary (mtstumenn Gunnars).
mt-svar, n. answer, reply;
-tak, n. resistance, defence;
-taka, f. = -tak;
-viri, n. contrary wind.
mt-vllr, in. place of meeting.
mt-ri, m. hostility;
-ykki, n. dislike, displeasure.
mula (a), v. to mumble; m. fyrir muni sr, to mutter to oneself.
mulan, f. mumbling.
mur (gen. munns), m. = munnr.
mugga, f. mugginess, drizzling mist.
muggu-ver, n. muggy, misty weather (snskafa ea -ver).
muna (man, munda, munar), v. to remember (mantu nkkut, hver or ek hafa ar um? at man ek grla); m. langt fram, to remember far back; m. til e-s, to have recollection of (spyrr Sveinn konungr, hvrt eir muni til heitstrengingar sinnar); m. e-m e-t, to remember a thing against one (skal ek n, segir hn, muna r kinn-hestinn).
muna (a), v. (1) to move, remove, with dat.; m. t gari, to shift the fence farther off, widen it;
mr er r minni munat, I have quite forgotten it; intrans., m. fram, to move forward, advance (milum ekki spor vr, nema vr munim fram); (2) to make a difference, with dat. of the amount (sv at muni hlfri stiku tu stikum).
muna (a), v. impers.; e-n munar, one longs, desires (rare).
munaar-lifnar, m. life of pleasure; = mun-lfi.
munar (gen. -ar), m. voluptuous life.
muna-fullr, a. delightful.
munar-heimr, m. home of happiness;
-lauss, joyless, unhappy.
mund. n. time, high time (er hefir grt etta, mun r m. r hauginum braut); () at m., at (by, about) that time; with gen., at m. dags, at that time of the day; nnur misseri etta m., this time next year; au m., in those days; irregular pl. mundir, f. hann ba menn sna ba til annars dags r mundir, wait till the same hour next day.
mund (dat. mundu), f. hand.
munda (a), v. to aim, point, with a weapon (Gunnarr mun eigi lengi m. atgeirinum, ef hann frir hann lopt); recipr., mundast at or til, to point at one another (with weapons).
mundang, n. the tongue of the balance, the mean between two extremes, moderation; hrra nafn en m. vri, than was fit and proper; gen. sing. 'mundangs', and gen. pl. 'mundanga' used as adv., moderately, in a fair degree (mundangs mikit, mundanga heitr).
mundang-leikr, m. moderation;
-liga, adv., justly, duly;
-ligr, a. just, due, proper (-ligt hf).
mundangs-hf, n. the true middle, golden mean, due moderation; me-hfi, moderately, duly, fitly;
-mar, m. moderate man..
mundar-ml, n. agreement about a woman's 'mundr'.
Mundia-fjll, n. pl. the Alps.
mund-laug, f. basin used in washing the hands (hann tk mundlaugar rjr far me gulli).
mund-ml, n. = mundarml.
mundr (gen. -ar), m. the sum which the bridegroom had to pay for his bride, and which after the wedding became her own property.
mund-rii, m. handle of a shield.
mun-gt, n. ale, small beer.
mungts-gr, f. brewing of 'mungt';
-tunna, f. ale-cask.
munka-bnar, m. monastic dress;
-kli, n. pl. monastic dress;
-kufl, m. monk's habit;
-lifnar, m. monastic life;
-sir, m. conventual rule.
munk-ligr, a. monkish, monastic;
-lf, n. monastery.
-lfl, n. monastery.
munkr (-s, -ar), m. monk, friar.
mun-ligr, a. desirable, advantageous.

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