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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


-frndr, m. pl. kinsmen on the mother's side;
-kvir, m. mother's womb;
-kyn, n. mother's kin;
-lauss, a. motherless;
-leggr, m. mother's side;
-ligr, a. motherly;
-sonr, m. mother's son; engi -son, not a living soul;
-systir, f. aunt;
-tunga, f. one's mother-tongue;
-tt, f. kinsfolk on the mother's side.
m-hella, f. (slab of) tufa;
-kolla, f. a ewe with a dusky head;
-kollttr, a. with a dusky head (of sheep).
mr (gen. ms, pl. mar), m. moor, heath, barren moorland.
m-raur, a. yellowish brown;
-rendr, a. russet (of wadmal);
skjttr, a. dun-piebald.
mt, n. (1) meeting; mla m. me sr, to fix a meeting; (2) town-meeting (var blsit til mts bnum ok sagt, at konungr vildi tala vi bjarmenn); (3) joint, juncture (cf.'liamt'); (4) in prepositional and adverbial phrases; mt, mt e-m, to meet a person (ganga, ra or mt e-m); against (mla, standa or mt e-u); mt, in return, in exchange; mti, mti, at mti (e-m) = mt; sna mti e-m, to turn against one; rsa mti e-u, to rise against, withstand; mikit er at mti erfinni minni, that is much when set against what I shall leave behind me; til mts vi e-n, to meet one; halda til mts vi e-n, to march against one; vera til mts, to be on the opposite side; miklir kappar eru til mts, there are great champions to contend with; eiga e-t til mts vi e-n, to own a thing in common with another (= til jafns vi e-n); gra e-t til mts vi e-n, to equal one in a thing (engan vissa ek ann, er at lki til mts vi mik).
mt, prep. with dat. to meet, towards, etc. = mt (see 'mt' 4).
mt, n. (1) image, stamp (m. peningi); (2) model (skaltu sma hs eptir v mti, sem ek mun sna r); (3) mark, sign (mttu sj m. , er hn hlr vi hvert or) cf. 'ambttar-, manns-, ttar-, sku-mt'; (4) manner, way; me kynligu (undarligu) mti, in a strange manner; mikill fjldi dra me llu mti, of every shape and manner; me v mti, in that way; me v mti, at, in such a way that; me litlu (minna) mti, in a small (less) degree; me engu mti, by no means; fr mti, abnormal.
mta (a), v. (1) to form, shape; (2) to stamp, coin (mtar peningr).
mt-bra, f. (1) 'counter-wave,' objection; (2) adversity;
-brligr, a. adverse;
-blstr, m. opposition;
-burr, m. coincidence;
-drttr, m., -drgi, n. opposition, resistance;
-drgr, a. adverse, opposed;
-ferir, f. pl. opposition; vera -ferum vi e-n, to resist, go against one;
-ferli, n. adversity.
mt-fjalar, -fjalir, f. pl. the platform on which meetings were held.
mt-fr, f. resistance, opposition (vera -fr vi e-n);
-ganga, f. = -fr (veita e-m -gngu, vera -gngu vi e-n);
-gangr, m. = -ganga.
mtgangs-mar, m. opponent, adversary (heilagrar kristni -menn).
mt-gr, f. offence, annoyance (ef fstra mnum vri eigi -gr ).
mtgra-samr, a. given to offend or annoy (one).
mt-horn, n. 'meeting-horn', trumpet (rdd sem gurligt -horn).
mt-hgg, n. blow in front, opp. to 'bakslag'.
mti, prep. with dat. = mti, (1) against, contrary to (at var bi m. gus lgum ok heilagrar kirkju); (2) in the direction of, towards, = gegn ( ann bekk, er vissi m. solu); konungr leit m. honum, the king looked towards him; (3) in return for (gaf jarl konungi g or m. vinttu hans); (4) of time, towards (m. degi); m. vetri, towards the setting in of the winter.
mt-kast, n. objection, opposition.
mt-lauss, a. without a join (of a ring);
-likt, adv. similarly, in a like manner (-lkt ferr annan aptan);
-mark, n. stamp;
-mla (-ta, -tr), v. to contradict;
-mli, n. contradiction;
-rei, f. encounter on horseback;
-reist, f. resistance;
-ris, n. = -reist.
mts, gen. from 'mt'; m. vi e-n

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