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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


mjrkva-flaug, f. drifting fog.
mjrkvi, m. dense fog = myrkvi.
mjt, n. pl., poet. the right measure.
mjtur, m. (1) dispenser of fate, ruler, judge; (2) bane, death (sver heitir manns m.); (3) = mjtvir.
mjt-vir, m. the world-tree (?).
mo, n. refuse of hay.
moka (a), v. (1) with dat. to shovel (m. sku, snj, myki); (2) with acc. to cleanse by shovelling, to clear of dung, etc. (m. flr, kvar, fjs).
mokstr, m. shovelling.
mola (a), v. to crush, break into small pieces (hauss hans molaist).
mold (dat. moldu), f. (1) mould, earth (hlu san at grjti ok jsu at moldu); (2) earth, the ground; fyrir m. ofan, above earth, alive; fyrir m. nean, beneath the earth, underground; hnga til moldar, to die.
moldar-auki, m. 'mould's eke', dust; vera at -auka, to be turned into dust;
-bakki, m. earth-bank;
-flaga, f. 'earth-flag', sod.
mold-bakki, m. = moldarbakki;
-bi, m. mould-dweller, ghost;
-hrga, f. heap of earth;
-oxi, m. 'mould-grub', a nickname;
-reykr, m. cloud of dust.
-ryk, n. cloud of dust.
moldugr, a. covered with mould.
mold-vegr, m. path of earth (lt hn mar fara -veg slttan);
-inurr, m. 'the earth-thong' (the serpent 'Migarsormr').
moli, m. small piece, crumb; also collect. bits, fragments (haussinn
brotnai smn mola).
molna (a), v. to crumble into dust.
mor, n. murder (kalli r at eigi m., at drepa menn um ntr?).
mor-fr, f. death (by murder);
-gjarn, a. murderous.
moringi (pl. -jar), m. murderer.
mor-jrn, n. murderous weapon;
-vargr, m. murderer;
-verk, n. murder.
-vg, n. murder (nttvg eru morvg).
morgin-drykkja, f. morning-drinking;
-dgg, f. morning-dew;
-gjf, f. bridal gift (on the morning after the wedding);
-lei, f. a morning's walk;
-ml, n. morning milking-time.
morginn (-s, pl. mornar, morgnar), m. morning; morgin, to-morrow; at morni, next morning (konungr dvaldist ar um ntt, en at morni bj hann fer sna); morgin, this (past) morning (dauan segir ann n, er vr hfum hjalat vi morgin); tomorrow ( morgin, sem ljst er, skulu vr rannsaka binn); um morgininn (eptir), next morning.        morgin-skin, n. morning light;
-sl, f. the rising sun;
-stjarna, f. the morning star;
-tir, f. pl. matins;
-veir, f. morning catch;
-verk, n. morning work.
morgna (a), v. to become morning, dawn (ar til er morgnat var mjk).
morgunn, m. = morginn.
morkna (a), v. to become rotten.
morn, f. pining away.
morna (a), v. = morgna.
morna (a), v. (1) to waste or pine away (m. ok orna); (2) to cause to pine (ik morn morni!).
mornan, f. morning, dawn.
mosa-vaxinn, pp. moss-grown.
mosi, m.. (1) moss; (2) moorland.
mosttr, a. mossy, moss-grown.
motr (gen. -rs), m. a lady's headgear (m. snjhvtr ok gullofinn).
motra, f. a woman wearing a 'motr'.
mast (a), v. refl. to be digested.
m-lttr, a. with a dark streak along the back (of a horse);
-brnn, a. dark brown, dun.
ma, f. large river.
m-akarn, n. ' mood-acorn', heart.
merni, n. (1) mother's side, of lineage; at m., on the mother's side; (2) maternal origin (ei mun logit til mernis ns); (3) motherhood.
mir (gen., dat. and acc. mur or mr; pl. mr), f. mother.
m-ligr, a. excited, vehement.
mr, m. excitement, wrath, passion ( gekk af honum mrinn, ok sefaist hann).
mr, a. weary, exhausted, worn out (hann var m. mjk af gngu).
m-tregi, m. deep sorrow.
mugr (acc. mgan), a. moody, excited; m. muna, bent on lust.
mur-arfr, m. maternal inheritance;
-brir, m. uncle;
-fair, m.

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