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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


slkum manni sem Broddier);
-sni, n. deception of sight, mistake;
-sll, a. of unequal happiness;
-stti, n. discord.
Mist, f. a Valkyrie.
mis-taka (see taka), v. (1) to take by mistake; (2) e-m verr-tekit til e-s, one does a thing wrongly; refl.,-takast, to miscarry;
-tala (a), v. to make a slip with the tongue;
-tekja, f. (1) mistake; (2) wrongful taking.
mistil-teinn, m. mistletoe.
mis-tra (see tra), v. to mistrust, disbelieve;
-trnar, m. mistrust, doubt;
-tryggja (-a, -r), v. = -tra;
-verk, n. misdeed;
-verki, n. misdeed;
-vitr, a. not always equally wise;
-okkar, pp. offensive, displeasing, with dat.;
-okki, m. displeasure, dislike;
-okknast (a), v. refl. to displease;
-ykki, n. discord;
-ykkja, f. discord;
-ykt, f. (1) displeasure; (2) discord;
-yrma (-da, -t), v. to violate, damage, outrage;
-yrming, f. maltreatment, outrage.
mga, (mg; meig, migum; miginn), v. to make water.
mla, f. mile (rare).
mjaar-, gen. from 'mjr';
-bytta, f. mead-tub;
-drykkja, f. mead-drinking;
-stra, f. mead-paunch;
-lgr, m. mead-liquor.
mjamar-, gen. from 'mjm';
-bein, n. hip-bone;
-brag, n. hip-trick (in wrestling);
-hfu, n. the head of the thigh-bone.
mjall-hvtr, a. snow-white.
mjaltir, f. pl. milking (vru konur at mjltum).
mjaltr, a. giving milk, milch.
mj-beinn, a. slender-legged (a nickname);
-eygr, a. narrow-eyed.
mjfast (a), v. refl. to become narrow (sundin mjfast til tsiglingar).
mj-fingrar, a. slender-fingered.
mj-hundr, m. greyhound;
-leitr, a. narrow-faced, opp. to 'breileitr'.
mjkka (a), v. = mjfast.
mjlk (gen. mjlkr), f. milk.
mjlka (a), v. (1) to milk; (2) to give milk (geitr mjlkuu sem kr).
mjlk-, f. milk-stream.
mjlki, m. milksop (m. inn!)
mjlkr, a. milch, giving milk.
mjr (mj, mjtt), a. (1) thin, slender, slim; mjtt band, a slender cord; (2) pointed (m. knfsoddr); (3) narrow, opp. to 'breir' (ar var mjtt sund ok djpt).
mj-rakki, m. = mj-hundr.
mjk-dmr, m. meekness;
-fingrar, a. soft-fingered;
a. softhanded;
-hjartar, a. tender-hearted;
-ltr, a. meek, gentle;
-leikr, m. nimbleness, agility;
-liga, adv. (1) softly, tenderly; (2) nimbly; (3) gently, mildly (tala -liga);
-ligr, a. meek, soft;
-lyndi, n. meekness;
-lyndr, a. meek-tempered, gentle;
-lta (-tta, -ttr), v. to humble (-lta sik);
-lti, n. meekness, gentleness;
-orr, a. smooth-spoken.
mjkr, a. (1) soft to the touch, opp. to 'harr' (mjkt skinn); (2) agile, supple (m. ok vel glmufrr); (3) easy, comfortable (tti eim at mjkara at taka, er laust flaut); (4) meek, pliable, gentle (r munu menninir mjkari en mr).
mjk-rss, a. running smoothly (of a ship);
-tkr, a. touching gently.
mj-drekka, f. mead-cask.
-drukkinn, pp. 'mead-drunk';
-drykkja, f. mead-drinking.
mjm (gen. mjamar, pl. mjamir), f. hip; brega e-m m., to throw one's antagonist by a hip-trick (mjamarbrag).
mjr (gen. mjaar, dat. mii), m. mead; blanda mj, to blend mead; grasar m., spiced mead.
mj-rann, n. mead-hall.
mjk, adv. (1) with verbs, much, greatly (hann skaut m. til ra dttur sinnar); (2) with adjs. and advs. very (harlyndr m.); (3) almost, very nearly (hann var daur m. af kulda).
mjl (gen.mjls, dat. mjli, mjlvi), n. meal, flour (skip hlait af malti ok mjlvi);
-belgr, m. meal-bag;
-kaup, n. pl. purchase of meal (fara at mjlkaupum);
-kll, m. = -belgr.
mjll (gen. mjallar), fresh powdery snow (s snjr, er hvtastr er, ok logni fellr, ok m. er kallar).
mjl-leyfi, n. licence to export meal;
-sld, n. a measure of meal;
-skuld, f. rent to be paid in meal;
-vtt, f. a weight (40 lbs.) of meal.

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