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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


mta -jfnu, er va ferr); essi tlan tti mnnum -jfn, there were different opinions about this undertaking;
-jafna (a), v. to make unequal, share unequally; -jafna frsgn um menn, to give a different account of, speak well of one and ill of another;
-jafnar, m. unequal sharing, odds;
-jafnan, f. = -jafnar;
-kast, n. throwing away; farast at -kstum, to be wasted;
-kenna (-da, -dr), v. to mistake for another.
miski, m. offence, harm; gra e-m til miska, to offend, wrong a person.
mis-kunn, f. forgiveness, mercy, grace (vill . gefast upp mitt vald til -kunnar); m. konungs, at the king's mercy; gra -kunn e-m, to show mercy to;
-kunna (a), v. to show mercy to, deal mercifully with, pardon (-kunna e-m, mli e-s).
miskunnar-andi, m. spirit of mercy;
-augu, eyes of mercy; lta -augum til e-s, to look in mercy on;
brag, n. act of grace;
-dmr, m. merciful judgment;
-famr, m. bosom of mercy;
-gjf, f. gracious gift;
-heit, n. promise of mercy;
-hugr, m. merciful disposition;
-lauss, a. merciless, unforgiving;
-leysi, n. hardness of heart, cruelty;
-mar, m. object of charity;
-verk, n. work of mercy or charity.
miskunn-lauss, a. finding no mercy;
-samliga, adv. mercifully;
-samr, a. merciful;
-semd, -semi, f. compassion, mercifulness.
mis-kvea (see kvea), v. = -mla.
miskvia-laust, adv. without making any slip ('miskvir') in the pleading (hann stti mlit
mis-kvir, m. a slip in the pleading (before a court);
-leggja (see leggja), v. to lay amiss; fig., e-m eru -lagar hendr, one does the contrary of what one ought to do;
-litr, a. party-coloured, variegated;
-lka (a), v. to dislike, be displeased with (e-m -lkar e-t);
-lkan, f. dislike;
-ltast (see lta), v. refl., e-m -lzt e-t, one is mistaken about a thing;
-lyndi, n. fickleness;
-lyndr, a. fickle-minded;
-lti, n. pl. faults, flaws;
-lgur, f. pl., leggja ftrna -lgum, to lay the feet across;
-munr, m. difference, disproportion;
-mla (-ta, -tr), v. to make a slip of the tongue (ri var -mlt);
-mli, n. slip of the tongue (mla -mli); e-m verr -mli munni, one makes a slip of the tongue;
-rit, pp. n., e-u er -rit, it is ill-advised;
-ri, n. ill-advised deed;
-ra, f. impropriety (drgja -ru vi konu).
miss, miss, adv. = mis, mis.
missa (-ta, -tr), v. (1) to miss, fail in hitting (Kolr sveiflai til hans xi ok missti hans); (2) to be without (eir hfu lengi matar misst); impers., missir e-s, it ceases; ar sem missti hsanna, where there were no longer any houses; (3) to miss, feel the want of (missum vr n Hkonar, frnda mns); m. ftanna, to slip with the feet, miss one's footing; impers., ef mn missir vi, if I should die; (4) to lose, suffer loss of; ek hefi mikils misst, I have had a great loss; (5) with acc. to lose, esp. in later writers (vr hfum misst frndr vra).
missa, f. loss (megu vr n eigi egja yfir missu okkarri).
mis-sttr, a. disagreeing, at variance;
-segja (see segja), v. to relate wrongly or incorrectly.
misseri, n. (1) season, a period of six months, half year (r heitir tvau m.); sams misseris, in the same season; (2) in pl. twelvemonth, year (er au hfu samt verit ein m., ttu au son); nnur m., the next twelvemonth; tveim hinum fyrrum misserum, in the two preceding years; llum misserum, all the year round.
missi-fengr, a. missing one's aim.
missir (gen. -is), m. loss, = missa.
mis-sr, a. of unequal length (of a garment);
-sj (see sj), v. to see amiss;
-skipta (-pta, -ptr), v. to share unequally;
-smi, n. pl., mistakes in a work (sv at eigi veri str -smi ); sj, finna -smi e-u, to find, see faults in a thing;
-strr, a. of different size;
-svefni, n. sleeping and waking alternately;
-snast (see sna), v. refl., e-m -snist, one sees wrong, is mistaken (allmjk -snist

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