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Viktor Rydberg's Investigations into Germanic Mythology Volume II  : Part 2: Germanic Mythology
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


steinar til minnis, as a memorial; (3) memory, of past time; eir er vru fyrir vrt m., who lived before we can remember; (4) memorial cup, toast (at old sacrifices and banquets); mla fyrir minnum, to propose a toast.
minni, a. compar., minnstr, a. superl., answering to 'ltill', less, smaller; least, smallest (var minna karp itt, mean H. konungr lifi); er s kallar minni mar (lower in rank), er rum fstrar barn.
minni, n. mouth (of a river, fjord, valley), = mynni.
minnigr, a. (1) having a good memory (Hallr var mar strvitr ok m); (2) m. e-s, mindful of, bearing in mind (m. eirra meingra, er).
minni-liga, adv. in memory (at au frgar verk skyldu -liga haldast);
-ligr, a. memorable.
minning (pl. -ar), f. (1) memory, recollection, remembrance; m. e-s, in memory of ( hverja m. heldr enna dag?); (2) in pl. traces (engar minningar vru eptir hans meina); (3) gift, present; (4) requital, revenge (tti sj m. betri en eigi); (5) admonition, foreboding (essi m. var nliga hverja ntt); (6) mention, suggestion, proposal (gri G. m., at).
minningar-mark, n. monument;
-verr, a. memorable, worth remembering (at snist mnnum -vert).
minni-samligr, a, -samr, a. memorable, not to be forgotten (mun r at minnisamt); gra e-m hr -sama, to make one remember an attack.
minnis-drykkja, f. a banquet where there are 'minni' (toasts);
-horn, n. memorial horn;
-str, a. = minnisamr;
-veig, f. a drink to restore remembrance;
-l, n. = -veig.
minnka (a), v. (1) to lessen, diminish; fig., m. sik, viring sna, to lower oneself; impers., minnkar e-t, it abates, decreases (biu eir ess, er minnkai sana); (2) to grow less, = minnkast; (3) refl., minnkast, to grow less, decrease (tti mr mikit vaxa mn viring, en m. ekki).
minnkan, f. decrease, diminishing.
minnr, adv. compar. less (eir sem vitrari vru ok m. drukknir); with dat., vetri m. en hlf-sextugr, fifty-four years old; vera lfi m., to be minus one's life, lifeless, dead; engu m., no less; minnr en, less than.
minnst, adv. superl. least; m. mna, at least a month;
minnstr, a. superl. least; see 'minni'.
mis, mis (older form miss), adv. amiss; so as to miss; farast eir hj m., they pass each other without meeting.
mis-bja (see bja), v. to offend; e-m ykkir sr -boit e-u, one feels offended at, takes it ill;
brigi, a. offence;
daui, m. death at different times; ef -daui eirra yri, if one of them should die before the other;
-deild, f. quarrel;
deili, n. 'wrong dealing', undue preference;
djpr, a. of unequal depth; now shallow, now deep;
dpi, n. unequal depth;
eldri, n. disparity in age (-eldri eirra broera var mikit);
-fall, n. mishap, mischance;
falla (see falla), v. to happen amiss;
-fangi, m. mistake;
-fara (see fara), v. to treat amiss, outrage (-fara e-u or me e-u); e-m -ferst, it goes amiss with one;
fari, m. difference in speed;
fengr, a. missing one's aim;
ferli, n. (1) misconduct; (2) mishap;
frr, a. of different opinion;
fr, f. (1) misconduct; (2) in pl. mishaps, miscarriage, accident;
-ganga, f. (1) dissent; (2) misconduct; (3) spring-tide = -gng;
-gr, a. partly good, partly bad;
gruna (a), v. to suspect;
gng, n. pl., -gngur, f. pl. spring tide;
gra (see gra), v. to do amiss, transgress;
gr, -grning, f., -grningr, m. misdeed, transgression;
haldinn, pp. wronged, not getting fair treatment;
heldi, n. unfair treatment;
hljan, f. discordance;
hugi, a., vera -hugi vi e-n, to be at variance with;
hugna (a), v. to displease;
hgg, n. striking amiss;
innt, pp. n., e-m verr -innt, one makes a mistake (in speaking);
-jafn, a. uneven, unequal, of various qualities, indifferent, rather bad (samfarar eirra vru -jafnar); mta -jfnu, to meet with hardships (s verr at

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