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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


m. to ride (go) fast; ra m., to pull hard; (6) neut. as subst., much; skipta miklu, to be of great importance; dat., 'miklu' with compar., much, by far (m. betr; m. meiri mar en r); with superl., m. mestr, by far the greatest, the very greatest; neut. as adv., mikit, greatly, much, = mjk (hn unni honum m.).
mikil-ltr, a. proud, grand;
-leikr, m. greatness, largeness;
-leitr, a. having marked (prominent) features;
-liga, adv. (1) greatly; (2) proudly (lta -liga);
-ligr, a. grand, considerable;
-ltast (tt), v. refl. to pride oneself;
-lti, n. pride, pomp;
-mannliga, adv. magnificently;
-mannligr, a. grand, magnificent, generous;
-menni, n. great, powerful man;
-menska, f. greatness, magnificence;
-mli, n. high words;
-rr, a. imperious;
-ri, n. great feat;
-ligr, a. imposing;
-vegligr, a. magnificent;
-virkr, a. doing great work;
-vnligr, a. important;
-gr, a. exacting.
mikils-httar, adv. distinguished.
Mikjls-messa, f. Michaelmas.
mikla (a), v. (1) to make great, increase, magnify; m. sik, to pride oneself; (2) impers., e-m miklar e-t, one wonders at (konungi miklar at me sjlfum sr, at); (3) refl., miklast, to acquire fame (ef konungr vill m. af essu); to pride oneself (engi mar miklist ea strist af sinni tt).
miklan, f. increase, greatness.
mild-hugar, a. mild, kind-hearted.
mildi, f. kindness, mercy, grace.
mildingr (-s, -ar), m., poet. a liberal man (rr mar heitir m.).
mildi-verk, n. work of charity.
mild-leikr, m. mildness, mercy;
-liga, adv. mildly, gently;
-ligr, a. mild, gentle.
mildr, a. (1) mild, gentle, gracious; (2) munificent, liberal (m. af f).
milli, prep. with gen., also millim, millum, (1) between (m. skgarins ok rinnar); sn (or ) m., between (among) themselves; sigla m. landa, from one land to another; (2) special usages; var enn meirr vndu veizla en ess m., more than otherwise; um ara hluti var skamt m. mls konunga, in other things there was no great difference between them; standa m., to stand between, hinder; mtti ar ekki millim sj, hvrr af rum myndi bera, it could not be seen which of the two would get the better of it; (3) ellipt. in 'm. ok'; upp me nni, m. (viz. rinnar or hennar) ok skgarins, up along the river, between (it) and the forest.
millim, millum, prep. = milli.
millum-fer, f. going between, mediation (brfsendingar ok -ferir).
milti, n. milt, spleen.
minja-gripr, m. heirloom, keepsake (saxit var minjagripr eirra).
minjar, f. pl. memorial, souvenir, keepsake (hann tk hringinn Draupni ok sendi ni til minja; essa gripi skaltu eiga at minjum).
minka (a), v., see 'minnka'.
minn (mn, mitt), pron. my, mine.
minna (-ta, -tr), v. (1) to remind of (m. e-n e-s or e-n e-t); hn hefir mik minnt eirra hluta, or minnt mik hluti, she has reminded me of those things; (2) impers., mik minnir e-s, I remember, think of (vallt er ek s fagrar konur, minnir mik essarrar konu); (3) refl., minnast e-s, to remember, call to mind (H. minntist ess, at A. hafi rnta ok bara hskarla hans); eigi vri allfjarri at m. n nkkuru, to remember thee with some small pittance, give thee some trifle; m. e-t, to bear in mind, remember; munu vr m. hinn forna fjndskap, then we will bear in mind the old feud; to mention, talk of (hann minntist marga luti , er fyrr hfu verit).
minnast (t), v. refl. to kiss (m. vi e-n or til e-s); hann spratt upp mti honum ok minntist til hans, he rose and kissed him.
minni, n. (1) memory (hann missti minnis ok tti nr sem vitstolinn) leggja e-t m., to lay up in the mind; reka m. til e-s, to call to mind; (2) esp. in pl. memorials (slk m. hafa slendingar Haralds konungs ok mrg nnur); settir eptir (viz. daua) bauta-

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