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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


-heimr, m. centre of the world;
-herğar, f. pl. mid-shoulders;
-hjalli, m. middle shelf on a hill-side.
miğil (also á or í miğil), prep. = meğal, milli (miğil svefns ok vöku).
miğja, f. the middle (í miğju).
Miğjarğar-haf, n., -sjór, m. the Mediterranean sea.
miğ-kafli, m. middle piece;
-kvísl, f. middle branch (of a stream).
miğla (), v. (1) to share; m. e-m e-t or m. e-t viğ e-n, to share with another (Gunnar miğlaği mörgum mönnum hey ok mat); skal ek eigi m. ríkit, I shall not share the realm; m. spor sín, to make a step, move (stöndum fast ok miğlum ekki spor vár); (2) to mediate; m. mál or málum, to make a compromise; (3) refl., miğlast e-t viğ, to share with one another; m. mál viğ, to make a compromise.
miğlan, f. (1) partaking, sharing with another (m. auğar); (2) compromise (gøra m. á um e-t). miğlanar-mál, n. pl. compromise.
miğ-langr, a. long-waisted, a nickname;
-leiğis, adv. (1) midway, halfway (er şeir kómu -leiğis til Máfahlíğar); (2) in the middle (Ísraels synir gengu şurt -leiğis um hafit).
miğlung, adv. middlingly, indifferently, poorly; şykkist hann şá vera m. staddr, in rather a hard plight.
miğlungi, adv. = miğlung.
miğ-messa, f. 'the middle mass', matins;
-mjór, a. slender in the waist.
miğmunda-skeiğ, n., the time when the sun is midway between midday (twelve o'clock) and 'nón' (three o'clock), half past one (um -skeiğ miğs dags ok nóns);
-stağr, m. the middle point between two places or times (í -stağ vestrs ok útnorğrs).
miğ-mundi, m. (1) the middle between two places; şá er Skoğborgará á -munda, the river S. is midway; with gen., şá er sól er -munda norğrs ok landnorğrs, when the sun is midway between north and north-east; (2) = miğmundaskeiğ (fyrir -munda hófst orrostan, en konungr féll fyrir nón); (3) moment, weight, importance; allir şeir, er şar höfğu verit ok nökkurr -mundi var at, and were of any note.
miğ-nætti, n. midnight;
-pallr, m. the middle bench (of the 'lögrétta').
miğr (miğ, mitt), a. middle, lying in the middle; nær miğri veröldinni, near the middle of the world; G. leggr í móti atgeirinum ok kom á hann miğjan, and struck him in the middle; áin var opin um mitt, in the middle; miğ nótt, midnight (şá var miğ nótt); m. dagr, midday (şat var nær miğjum degi, er şeir fundust); m. aptann, six o'clock p.m.; m. morginn, six o'clock a.m.; at miğjum vetri, um miğjan vetr, at midwinter; mitt sumar, midsummer; miğrar brautar, in the middle of the road.
miğr, adv. = minnr, less.
miğ-skammr, a. short-waisted;
-skeiğ, n. middle course;
-skip, n. middle of a ship (= mitt skip);
-skipa, adv. amidships;
-sumar, n. midsummer (= mitt sumar).
miğsumars-helgr, f. midsummer-day;
-skeiğ, n. midsummer time.
miğsvetrar-blót, n. midwinter sacrifice;
-nótt, f. midwinter night (= hökunótt);
-skeiğ, n. midwinter time.
miğ-syndis, adv. in the middle of the sound (cf. 'sund').
miğviku-dagr, m. Wednesday;
-morginn, m. Wednesday morning.
miğ-şröngr, a. tight in the waist.
mikil-brjóstağr, a. stout-hearted, high-minded;
-fengligr, a. stout-looking;
-gjarn, a. aspiring to great things;
-gæfr, a. of great importance;
-hugağr, a. big-spirited;
-hæfr, a. stately, eminent.
mikill (acc. mikinn, neut. mikit), a. (1) great, tall, of stature (m. vexti, mağr m. ok sterkr); (2) great, large, in bulk or size (mikil ey ok góğ); áin var mikil, the river was swollen; (3) of quantity, great, much (m. viğr, mikil drykkjuföng); (4) great, prominent (skörungr m., málafylgjumağr m.); m. drykkjumağr, a great drunkard; vetr m., a severe winter; meğ mikilli snild, with great skill; (5) acc. 'mikinn' used as adv.; ríğa (fara)

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