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... In Iron Age Britain two brothers struggle for supremacy. The Archdruid prophesies kingship for one, banishment for the other. But it is the exiled brother who will lead the Celts across the Alps into deadly collision with Rome...
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


-ft, -kli, n. pl. vestments;
-ml, n. mass time;
-serkr, m. surplice;
-skri, m. = -kli;
-sloppr, m. = -serkr.
mest, adv. superl. (1) most (eim var ek verst, er ek unna m.); (2) almost (kva hann m. ara hnd af ri).
mest-httar, adv. most remarkably.
mestr, a. superl. greatest (margir hinir mestu menn); cf. 'mikill'.
mestu, adv. mostly, nearly.
met, n. pl. weights; fig., koma snum metum vi, to have one's own way.
meta (met; mat, mtum; metinn), v. (1) to estimate, value; ef eir kynni m. sik, if they could value themselves rightly, not puff themselves up; m. e-t mikils, ltils, einskis, to attach great, little, no value to; make much, little, nothing of; munu n or hr um einskis metin, thy words will be counted for naught; (2) m. e-t fjr (kaups, etc.), to put a money-value on, to charge for (aldri mat hann fjr lkning sna); m. e-t vi e-n, to name a price to one for a thing; met vi mik rekkjubnainn, tell me the price of the bed-furniture; ok vil ek eigi m. vi ik (I will not charge you anything), heldr vil ek, at iggir skikkjuna; to leave it to another to decide; allir mtu vi Erling atkvi um skrsluna, they all left it to E. to decide about the ordeal; vi orkel met ek at f hluti til, er hafa arf, I leave it to Th. to provide the necessary things; (3) refl., metast til e-s, to be reckoned as, counted for (ba gera sm, er til afbrags mtist); m. e-t vi, to contend about; ef eir metast eia vi, if there is a contest about taking the oaths.
metandi (pl. -endr), m. appraiser.
met-f, n. a thing having a special value set upon it.
metinn, pp., vel m., highly esteemed.
metja (met, matta, mattr), v. to lap (with the tongue).
metnaar-fullr, a. full of pride or ambition;
-girnd, f. ambition;
-gjarn, a. ambitious;
-leysi, n. modesty;
-mar, m. ambitious man;
-samligr, -samr, a. proud, haughty.
metnar (gen. -ar), m. (1) esteem, value (ann metna hefi ek ragerum mnum, at); (2) honour, repute (hann var ar miklum metnai); (3) pride, ambition (m. honum rast, en mannvit aldregi).
metnast (a), v. refl. to puff oneself up (m. af mikillti rkis sns).
met-or, n. (1) estimate, valuation; (2) esteem, consideration; eir gru sv mikil -or hans, at, they paid him so much regard that; sitja yfir -orum manna, to bear down others.
metora-mar, m. man of distinction (hann var -mar mestr).
mettr, pp. having eaten one's fill.
mey, f. = mr;
-barn, n. female child, girl;
-dmligr, a. virgin;
-dmr, m. maidenhood, virginity.
meyja, f. maid, girl, = mr.
meyjar-, gen. from 'mr';
-ml, n. pl. matters relating to marriage;
-mundr, m. a maid's 'mundr'.
mey-ligr, a. maiden, virgin; girlish;
-lfi, n. maiden life.
meyrr, a. rotten (m. brkr).
mey-staulpa, -stlka, f. girl.
mi, n. (1) the middle (s var mestr, er miit rei); (2) mark; sem ek munda hafa m. mr, ef, which I should have experienced on myself, if; (3) fishing bank (indicated by landmarks on shore); brega til mia, to seek for a fishing bank.
mia (a), v. to take note, mark (E. hafi glggt miat um kveldit, hvar konungrinn hvldi); m. vi e-t, to mark a distance or place by another object (hla hr vru, ok mia sv vi ar sem eldrinn brennr).
mi-aldra, a. indecl. middle-aged;
-breytis, adv. midway, halfway;
-byri, n. the middle of a ship (skipit var breitt um -byrit);
-br, m. a farm lying in the midst (of three);
-degi, n. midday, noon.
midegis-skei, n. noon-tide.
mi-digr, a. stout in the waist;
-fasta, f. Mid-Lent;
-firis, adv. in the middle of the fjord;
-fylking, f. the middle of the line (in battle).
mi-garr, m. midgarth, the earth;

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