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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


mel-bakki, m. bank grown with lyme-grass (melr).
meldr (gen. -rs and -rar), m. (1) grinding (standa at meldri); (2) flour; Fenju m., Fra ja m., gold.
ml-dropi, m. foam from the bit;
-greypr, a. poet. champing the bit (marir, drslar mlgreypir).
melja (malda, malir), v. to pound.
melr (-s, -ar), m. (1) lyme-grass; (2) sand-bank, gravel-bank.
mel-rakki, m. arctic fox, white fox (brenna inni sem m. greni).
melta (-lta, -ltr), v. (1) to malt for brewing (m. korn); (2) to digest (m. valbrir); also fig. (m. reii).
mel-torfa, f. turf grown with lymegrass (melr).
men (gen. pl. menja), n. necklace (hann batt menit hls sr); fig. in pl., treasures, jewels (fjld ek menja).
mengi, n. multitude.
menjar, f. pl. = minjar.
menna (-ta, -tr), v. to make a man of, breed; refl., mennast, to become a man, = mannast.
menni, n., a nickname; but freq. in compds., g-, ill-, rk-, fjlmenni.
menni-liga, adv. manfully;
-ligr, a. manly, well bred, = mannvnn.
menning, f. breeding, upbringing, education (tt hans ok m. g).
mennska, f. human nature, humanity; = manndmr.
mennskr, a. human; m. mar, human being, opp. to giants, ogres, or supernatural beings.
mennt, f. art, skill, accomplishment (hefir til ills na m.).
menntan, f. breeding, culture.
menntr, pp. bred, educated, accomplished (vel m. um marga hluti).
men-skgul, f., poet. lady.
men-vrr, m. keeper of treasures.
merg, f. multitude, plenty (m. fjr).
merg-lauss, a. marrowless.
mergr (gen. -jar), m. marrow.
merg-und, f. a wound to the marrow; also mergundar-sr, n.
mer-hross, -hryssi, n. mare.
merja (mer, mara, marir), v. to bruise, crush.
merki (gen. pl. merkja), n. (1) boundary, = landamerki; (2) banner, standard (tk merkit af stnginni); (3) mark, token, sign (mun at til merkja, at eir Grmr munu heim koma); essir menn, er nliga vru me ngum merkjum, of no mark, distinction; (4) remains, traces (eir lgu ok garinn sem enn sr m.).
merki-, f. boundary river;
-liga, adv. (1) remarkably; (2) clearly, perceptibly;
-ligr, a. (1) perceptible; (2) remarkable, noteworthy, distinguished (uppruni hans var -ligr);
-mll, a. = merkmll, merkorr.
merking (pl. -ar), f. (1) marking; (2) mark, sign; (3) signification.
merkis-burr, m. the carrying of the standard;
-mar, m. (1) standard-bearer; (2) man of mark, distinguished person;
-stng, f. standard-pole.
merki-stjarna, f. planet;
-stng, f. = merkis-stng;
-tungl, n. = -stjarna.
merkja (-ta, -tr), v. (1) to mark (m. eyra f); (2) to mark, draw (hann var merktr eptir r, ok hefir hann hamar hendi); ok m. nagli nau, and mark (the character) 'nau' on one's nail; (3) to mark, note, observe (san merkti hann fu , er grikonan eri ftr sna); (4) to notice, perceive (merktu eir at slargangi, at sumarit munai aptr til vrsins); (5) to show, indicate (merkti Sunnifa at essu); (6) to denote, signify, mean (vil ek, at segir drauminn ok hvat hann merkir).
merk-mll, -orr, a. truthful, trustworthy (-orr mar).
merkr, a. of mark, noteworthy (m. mar ok sannorr).
merr (gen. merar, acc. and dat. meri, pl. merar), f. mare.
mersing, f. = messing.
messa, f. (1) mass; syngja messu, to chant the mass; (2) = messudagr (Jns m., lafs m.).
messa (a), v. to say the mass.
messing, f. brass (stafr binn me messingu);
messingar-, made of brass, brazen (-hestr, -ker, -spnn).
messu-dagr, m. mass-day, feast-day;
-djkn, m. deacon, clerk;
-embtti, n. office of the mass, divine

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