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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


ef vill, thou canst see her, if thou wilt; hann mtti ekki mla, he could say nothing; (4) to be permitted, allowed (hann mtti aldri tala til Kjartans, sv at orkell var hj); n man eigi m. sitjanda hlut eiga, one must not remain sitting, be inactive; (5) ellipt., the verb being understood (lemja man ek bogann, ef ek m); ferr at sem m, go that as it may; m, at, it is possible that; eir spuru hversu at mtti, how that could be.
megandi, pr. p. availing, mighty, strong; fylldi hann at heit, er hann var m. mar, as soon as he grew to be man of might; ltt m., feeble, weak; ekki m., powerless, helpless.
megin (gen. -s, dat. magni or megni), n. (1) might, power, strenght (sv sem lei sttina minkai storum m. hans); (2) the main, chief part of a thing; allt m. landsins, the main part of the land.
megin or megum, adv., prop. dat. pl. from 'vegr'; kvenna m., on the women's side (in a chuch); karla m., on the men's side; Hjararholts m., on the H. side (of the river); inum vinstra m., hgra m., on the left (right) side; einuni m., from one side only (ar mtti einum m. at skja); rum m., on the other side (herskip liggja rum m. undir nesinu); bum m., on both sides; llum m., from all sides; eim m., on that side.
megin-, in compds., main;
-afl, n. main strength;
-, f. main river;
-borg, f. the main castle;
-byg, f. main district;
-dmar, m. pl. great events;
-fjall, n. great mountain;
-fltti, m. (1) general flight; (2) the main body of the flying host;
-gjr, f. the main girdle, girdle of power; pl. -gjarar, the girdle of Thor;
-gr, a. mighty good;
-haf, n. the main, ocean;
-herr, main army;
-hera, n. main district;
-hyggja, f. wisdom;
-hfn, f. main harbour;
-land, n. mainland, continent;
-lauss, a. without strength;
-leysi, n. weakness;
-li, n. main body of an army;
-ligr, a. important (ml -lig);
-ltill, a. of little might, weak;
-merki, n. chief standard;
-mrk, f. the main forest;
-rs, f. main course;
-rnar, f. pl. mighty, powerful runes (charms);
-stormr, m. mighty gale;
-trr, m. great fame;
-trygir, f. pl. a firm truce;
-vel, adv. mighty well;
-verk, n. mighty feat;
-rf, f. great need.
megn, n. strength, = megin, mttr (hann hafi fjogurra manna m.); um m. e-m, beyond one's strength; etta ml er nkkut r um m. me at fara, is rather too much for you.
megn, a. strong, mighty (megnt mannfall); me megnu hugskoti, with a strong mind.
megna (a), v. to be able, have strength to do a thing ( at ek megni minna en einhverr yar); refl., megnast, to gain strength; en er synir eirra tku at m., when their sons began to grow up.
megn-lauss, a. feeble, weak;
-ltill, a. faint, exhausted.
megra (-a), v. to make lean; refl., megrast, to become lean.
megr, f. leanness.
megum, adv. = megin; llum m., from all sides.
meia (-dda, -ddr), v. (1) to hurt, esp. to maim, injure seriously (hina rak hann r landi, meiddi er drap); (2) of things, to damage (finna eir at skipit var meitt nean); to spoil, destroy ( tk hann at m. hof ok hrga); (3) refl. to take hurt.
meiing (pl. -ar), f. bodily injury, maiming, damaging ( manndrpum ok meiingum).
meiingar-laust, adv. unmaimed, unhurt (halda lfi -laust).
meimar, f. pl. treasures (poet.).
meir (gen. -s or -ar), m. (1) longitudinal beam; sledge-runner ( reif hann meiinn undan sleanum); fig., standa nderveran mei me e-m, to stand in the forefront as a champion, to support one; mjk tti mnnum einn mei hallast me heim, it went all on one side with them; (2) pole, log; telgja mei til rifjar, to cut a log into a loom-beam; (3) tree (hrafn sat hm meii); (4) gallows-tree (veit ek, at ek hekk vindga meii ).

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