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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


adv. denoting the direction (upp m., ofan m.; fram m., inn m., t m., etc.); m. stfnum, from stem to stern, all along the ship; bija matar me bjum, from house to house; (9) adverbial usages; m. llu, altogether, quite; m. llu skjtt, all of a sudden; m. v at, in case that (m. v at ek falla); as, because (m. v at menn vru hraustir, komast eir yfir na); (10) with verbs; ganga m. barni, to go with child, mla m., to recommend; II. with acc. (1) with, with the notion of bearing, bringing, carrying (hann fr til slands m. konu sna ok brn); fara m. vpn, to carry a weapon; fig., fara me sk, ml, to conduct, manage a case; m. engi lgskil, in no lawful manner; (2) with, among; snotr m., es m. aldir kemr, a fool when he comes among men; (3) with an ordinal number; m. tlfta mann, with twelve men, including himself; with eleven others.
meal ( m., m.), prep. with gen., among, between; m. vr or vr m., among us; sat ar rhalla m. bra, Th. sat between the brides; ellipt., ganga meal, m., to intercede as peacemaker (gekk Njll m., sv at hvrir handsluu drum gri).
meal-, in compds., middle, average;
-afteraleysi, n., eigi -afteraleysi, no common slovenliness;
-auki, m. what is given into the bargain;
-r, n. average year;
-farbauti, m. middling destroyer (eir sgu at eigi -farbauta vera);
-fer, f. intercession;
-ffl, n., eigi -ffl, no ordinary fool;
-fjndi, m. middling fiend (ek tla hann eigi -fjnda vera);
-fl, n. = -ffl;
-fr, -ganga, f. intercession.
mealgngu-mar, m. intercessor peacemaker.
meal-kafli, m. 'middle-piece', the haft of a sword between the two 'hjlt';
-klkismar, m. middling scoundrel (eigi -k.);
-lag, n. average; at var me enu betra -lagi, a good average; -lagi, -lagi, not very, not over well (segir mr -lagi hugr um); -lagi ggjarn, not too benevolent; skipti vr hafa veri sum g, en sum til -lags, our dealings have been, some good, some only middling;
-mar, m. average man;
-mar vxt, a middle-sized man;
-mann-ningr, -nringr, m. (no) middling scoundrel;
-orpning, f. interjection;
-pallr, m. middle bench (in the 'lgrtta');
-skrfa, f. eigi -skrfa, a great coward;
-skmm, f., eigi -skmm, a great disgrace;
-snpr, m., eigi -snpr, no common fool;
-snotr, a. middling wise;
-smd, f. common honour (er eigi -smd at eiga slkan mann at mg);
-spektarmar, m. common peace-disturber;
-vinr, m. = -fjndi;
-vetr, m. average winter;
-vingjarnligr, a. not very friendly;
-rll, m. average slave.
-mean ( m.), adv. (1) in the mean time, meanwhile (hann ba ar dveljast m.); m. at, m. er (es), as long as, while, whilst; (2) so long as = m. er (hlzt hann vinttu vi konung m. hann lifi).
me-fer, f. (1) management; vandhfi mun r ykkja -ferinni, you will find it difficult to manage; (2) hafa e-t -ferar, to have along with one, in ones keeping; (3) behaviour, conduct; var konungi kunnigt hverja -fer ek hafa, how I behaved;
-feri, n., -fr, f. = mefer;
-gangr, m. siding with, helping, = fylgi.
mer, prep. = me.
me-taka, -tekt, f. reception.
metku-mar, m. receiver.
mega (m, mtta, mtt), v. (1) to be able to do, with acc.; eigi eru Asynjur helgari ok eigi megu r minna, they are not less powerful; sv at vr mttim ekki, so that we could do nothing; m. betr, to be the stronger; m. vi e-m, to be able to withstand one (hann mun ekki m. einn vi mrgum); skulu mikit n or m. vi mik, thy words shall have much weight with me; (2) of health; m. vel, to be well; m. ltt, illa, to be poorly (hann spurpi, hversu hann mtti. Eigi m ek n vel, sagi hann); m. e-m, to do for one (m yr at, er yfir margan gengr); (3) with infin., to be able; mtt sj hana,

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