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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


mál-nyta, f. milch trine;
-nytr, a. yielding milk, milch; málnytr smali, milch cattle.
mál-óđi, a., -óđr, a. using violent language;
-reifr, a. talkative, cheerful;
-reitinn, a. = -rœtinn;
-róf, n. ability to talk.
málrófs-mađr, m. glib talker.
mál-rúm, n. time to speak in;
-rúnar, f. pl. `runes of speech', runic characters;
-rœđinn, -rœtinn, a. talkative, open.
máls-bót, f. excuse, exculpation.
mál-semd, f. language, speech.
máls-endi, m. = málsemd (leita -enda viđ e-n);
-eyrendi, n. = mál-semd;
-fylling, f. conclusion of a case;
-grein, f. (1) sentence; (2) phrase, speech; (3) diction, style;
-háttr, m. (1) phrase; (2) proverb.
mál-skipti, n. pl. (1) business, transactions; (2) importance.
máls-löstr, m. bad grammar.
mál-snild, f. eloquence, oratory.
málsnildar-list, f. rhetoric.
mál-snilli, f. eloquence;
-snjallr, a. eloquent;
-spakr, a. wise-spoken;
-speki, -spekt, f. wisdom in speech;
-stađr, m. case, point of a question;
-stafr, m. (1) letter of the alphabet; (2) consonant;
-stefna, f. parley, conference;
-stofa, f. sleeting-hall, public hall, esp. in houses of men of rank.
mál-svefn, m. proper sleep.
máls-verđr, m. meal.
máls-ţörf, f. desire to speak.
mál-sönnun, f. evidence, reason;
-tak, n. diction;
tíđ, f. meal.
málugliga, adv. loquaciously.
málugr, a. = máligr.
málungi (= 'málum-gi', dat. pl. from 'mál' with negative -gi); ef ţyrftak at m. mat, if I needed no meat at meals.
mál-vinr, m. friend (to speak with).
mál-vöndr, m. measuring wand.
mál-ţurfi, a. wanting to speak.
mána-dagr, m. Monday.
mánađar-frest, n. a month's notice;
-mót, n. the end of one month and the beginning the next.
mánađr (gen. -ar; pl. -ir and mánađr), m. month.
máni, m., poet. moon.
már (gen. más, pl. mávar), m. seamew; ben-, gunnmár, raven (poet.).
má-skári, m. a young sea-mew.
mát, n. check-mate.
máta (ađ), v. to check-mate.
máti, m. manner, way, respect (í engan máta; á allan máta).
mátt-dreginn, -farinn, pp. weak, exhausted, faint.
máttigr (acc. máttkan), a. mighty.
mátt-lauss, a. without strength, exhausted;
-leysi, n. weakness, lack of strength;
-litill, a. of little strength, weak (hann gerist allmáttlítill).
máttr (gen. máttar, dat. mćtti), m. (1) might, strength; var mér alls máttar (I had to use all my strength) áđr ek kom henni upp; (2) strength, health; reiđuliga svarađi hón, of nökkurr spurđi at mćtti hennar, if any one asked how she was; er at leiđ mćtti hans, when he began to sink.
máttugr, a. = máttigr.
máttu-ligr, a. (1) possible (honum er alt máttuligt); (2) mighty.
mátu-ligr, a. meet, fitting.
međ, prep. with dat. and acc.; 1. with dat. (1) with, along with, together with (Unnr dóttir hans fór međ honum; hón hafđi á skipi m. sér sex tigi karla); (2) denoting help, assistance; leggja til m. e-m, to help one by word or deed; to give one advice; fá menn m. sér, to get followers; (3) by means of, with (verja sik međ sverđum, skjöldum); (4) by, through, with, using (međ harđfengi ok kappi); m. hlaupi, by running; m. einum hug, with one mind; m. sama hćtti, in the same way; (5) including, inclusive of (hundrađ manna m. nábúum); ok ţat m., at, and besides (therewith) that; ţann dag ok nóttina m., and the night too; (6) among, between (var fact um m. ţeim brœđrum); ţreyta e-t m. sér, to fight it out among themselves; koma m. e-m, to come among (mađr, er m. mörgum kemr); (7) denoting inward quality, in (hann hafđi alla ţá hluti m. sér, er konung prýđa); (8) along (landit er viđast bygt međ sjónum); esp. of direction, with an

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