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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


voru); lauss allra mála, free of all stipulations; (11) case, matter, affair (ţetta m. var viđ Jórunni rœtt); svi er m. međ vexti, the matter stands thus; var ţat annat m., another matter; miđla m., to mediate; tillagagóđr inna stœrri mála, a good counsellor in great matters; hafa sitt m., to have one's own way, have one's will (honum eirir illa, of hann hefir eigi sitt mál); hafa mikit til síns máls, to have much in support of one's case; e-t skiptir miklu (litlu) máli, it is of great (small) importance, (12) three months (m. ok misseri).
mál, n. (1) measure (fimm álna er hátt m. hans); leggja, bera m. viđ e-t, to measure (hann lagđi m. viđ öll in stœrstu tré); (2) time, high time (m. er upp at standa); sagđi, at ţá var miđ nótt ók at enn vćri m. at sofa, and still time to sleep; (3) meal; í eitt m., at einu máli, for one single meal; deila mat at málum, to deal out food at each meal.
mál, n. inlaid ornaments (on the hilts and guards of swords).
mála-efni, n. pl. circumstances and nature of a case; góđ (ill) -efni, a good (bad) case;
-ferli, n. pl. lawsuits, litigation;
-flutningr, m. conduct of a case.
málafylgis-mađr, m., málafylgjumađr, m. helper in lawsuits; mikill -mađr, a great taker up of suits.
mála-gipt, f, -gjöf f. pay for military service;
-gjöld, n. pl. (1) payment of wages; (2) military pay;
-gull, n. gold in payment of 'máli'.
mála-hluti, m., -hlutr, m. one side of a case or suit, one's share in a case; mun sá verda -hluti várr beztr, at, the best turn for us that things can take will be that.
mála -járn, n. iron (weapon) inlaid with ornaments (mál).
mála-leitan, f. negotiation, mooting the question;
-lok, n. pl. end of a case, conclusion;
-lyktir, f. pl.= -lók;
-mađr, m. = málafylgjumađr.
mála-mađr, m. a man who receives pay (máli), soldier.
málamann-ligr, a. worthy of a 'málamađr'.
mála-sax, n. an inlaid sword.
mála-silfr, n. silver given in payment of 'máli'.
mála-skil, n. pl. knowledge of procedure;
-skot, n. appeal in a case;
-sókn, f. lawsuit, prosecution;
spell, n. flaw in a suit.
mála-spjót, n. inlaid spear.
mála-tilbúnađr, -tilbúningr, m. preparation of a suit;
-vöxtr, m. state of a case.
mál-dagi, m. (1) covenant, agreement; inna -daga, to fulfil an agreement; (2) written deed, document (of the rights, property, and inventories of churches);
-deili, n., e-m er -deili á e-u, it is of importance to one;
-djarfr, a., free-spoken.
mál-drykkja, f. a measure of drink served for each meal.
mál-efni, n. circumstances of a case; gott -efni, a just case.
mál-eldar, m. pl. 'meal-fires'.
málendr, m. pl. parties to a suit; vćri jafnir m. (if we were equally matched), mundi ţess ei óhefnt.
mál-fár (acc. -fán), a. poet. inlaid with ornaments, adorned with characters (of a sword).
mál-fimi, f. ease in speech;
-fimliga, adv. eloquently;
-fimr, a. talkative;
-framr, a. out-spoken;
-friđr, m. peace from suits (?);
-fœrr, a. able to speak;
-gaga, n. organ of speech;
-haltr, a. tongue-tied;
-hress, a. well enough to speak.
máli, m. (1) contract, agreement; (2) wages, soldier's pay; ganga á mála, to take service (with a foreign prince).
máligr (acc. málgan), a. talkative, communicative, loquacious (ţeir vóru málgir mjök, ţví at ţeir voru úvitrir).
mál-krókar, m. pl. pettifoggery, sophistry;
-kunnigr, -kunnr, a. knowing one another to speak to;
-laki, m. defect of the speech organs;
-latr, a. slovenly in speaking;
-lauss, a. speechless, dumb;
-leysa, f. incorrect expression, bad grammar;
-lýzka, f. idiom, dialect.
málmr, m. (1) ore (m., er járn skal of gera); (2) metal (ţann málm, er gull heitir).

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