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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


mar-mennill, m. 'sea-mannikin', merman.
marr (gen. marar), m. sea; sgr fold mar, the earth sinks into the sea.
marr (gen. mars, pl. marir and marar), m. horse, steed (hann kva hest mar heita).
mat, n. estimate, taxing.
mata, f. provender, mess (rare).
matar-, gen. from 'matr';
-afli, m. fare, provisions;
-bur, n. pantry;
-fst, f. appetite;
-fling, n. pl. = mat-fng;
-gr , f. dairy work, cooking;
-illr, a. stingy of food;
-lauss, a. without food;
-verr, m. meal;
-vtt, f. a certain weight or quantity of victuals.
matast (a), v. refl. To take food, take a meal; hvi hann mataist sv seint, why he was eating so slowly.
mat-bjrg, f. provisions from hand to mouth;
-bor, n. a dressed table (sitja yfir -bori);
-bri, f. greediness;
-ba (see ba), v. to dress food, cook (var hjrtrinn matbinn).
matbar-mr, m. cook.
mat-bnar, m. cooking, dressing of food;
-búr, n. pantry;
-ftt, a. n. short of provisions (hafa -ftt);
-f, f. lack of food;
-fng, n. pl. stores of food;
-ger, f. cooking.
matgerar-mar, m. cook.
mat-gjafl, m. food-giver;
f. gift in food;
-gr, a. liberal as to food;
-gingr, m. = -gr mar;
-heill, a. of a good digestion;
-kaup, n. purchase of victuals;
-ketill, m. meat-kettle;
-krkr, m. 'meal-crow', glutton, a nickname;
-land, n., gott (illt) -land, a productive (unproductive) district;
-langr, a., -lng stund, such a time as it takes to eat a meal;
-lauss, a. without food;
-leii, m. loathing of food;
leysi, n. lack of food;
-lfi, n. board, fare;
lystr, a. having a good appetite;
-ml, n. mealtime, meal;
-ningr, m. one who starves his people.
matr (gen. matar, pl. matir), m. food, meat; hafa sr e-t at mat, to feed on (morgin-dggvar an sr at mat hafa); pl. stores of food, provisions.
mat-r, n. pl. the husbandry of food;
-reia, f. dressing of food, housekeeping;
-seld, f. distribution of food at meals;
-selja, f. housekeeper;
-snkr, a. stingy of food;
-skl, f. food bowl;
-skortr, m. lack of food;
-skrei, f. dried fish for food;
-sparr, a. sparing of food;
-sveinn, m. cook;
-svin, n. beggar's scrip;
sll, a. 'meat-lucky';
-vss, a. greedy;
-vli, n. pl. means of subsistence, stores of food;
-vnn, a. good for food.
maurr (-s, -ar), m. ant, emmet.
(m, ma, mr), v. (1) to blot or rub out, efface (mst eir of lfs bk); (2) to wear, make blunt (var ljr hans mr upp smireim).
mg-kona, f. sister-, mother-, or daughter-in-law.
mgr (-s, -ar), m. brother-, father-, or son-in-law (vill Hrtr grast m. inn ok kaupa dttur na).
ml, n. (1) speech, faculty of speech (rngdi sv sttarfari konungs, at hann misti mlsins); au hafa ekki ml, they are dumb; (2) language, tongue; norrnt m., the Norse tongue; (3) speech, speaking (hvrt er Flosi sv nr, at hann megi heyra m. mitt) (4) colloquy, talk, speech; koma . m. (or at mli) vi e-n, to come to talk with, speak to; finna (hitta) e-n at mli, to obtain speech with; krefia e-n mils, to ask an interview with-; leita mills vi e-n (spyrja e-n mls, mla m. of e-m), to broach a subject to one; bera m. e-t, hafa e-t (or at) mli, to speak (talk) of (allir menn hfu mli, hversu fr r mar harm var); lka snu mli, to end one's speech; at er m. manna, at, people say that; (5) tale, story; n er ar til mls at taka, now it must be told; (6) saw, saying; fornt (fornkveit) m. er, at, it is an old saw that; (7) diction, construction of sentences; (8) sentence; tvau ml, two sentences; fullt m., a full period; (9) suit, action, cause; hefja m. hendr e-m, to bring an action against one; ba m., to prepare a suit; skja m., to prosecute; (10) stipulation, agreement (ek vil halda mil vi hann an, sem mlt

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