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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


mar-skinn, n. marten's fur.
marg-breytinn, a. fickle, whimsical;
-breytni, f. fickleness;
drr, a. very dear;
-eygr, a. many-eyed;
-falda (a), v. to multiply;
-faldan, f. multiplication;
-faldliga, adv. manifoldly;
-faldir, a. manifold;
-frr, a. learned in many things, much knowing;
-fri, f. (1) varied learning; (2) magic;
-httar, a. multifarious, of many kinds;
-heyrr, pp. often heard;
-kunnandi, pr. p. knowing many things;
-kunnigr, a. (1) = -frr; (2) = fjlkunnigr;
-kvslar, -kvslttr, a. many-branched;
-kvmt, a. n. where many people come (ar var eigi -kvmt);
-kyndigr, a. = -kunnigr;
-ltr, a. fickle, loose;
-leikar, m. pl. intimacy, friendly intercourse, opp. to ' fleikar';
-liga, adv. friendly, intimately, opp. to 'fliga';
-lyndr, a. fickle-minded;
-lti, n. fickleness, wantonness, looseness;
-mlugr, a. talkative;
-menni, n. multitude, many men;
-mennr, a. with many men (hversu -mennr ertu?);
-mlgi, f. loquacity;
-mltr, pp. talkative;
-opt, adv. very often;
-orr, a. using many words, long-winded;
-prettttr, a. very cunning or tricky.
margr (mrg, mart), a. (1) in sing. a collect. sense, both as subst. and adj., many a (one); m. mar, many a person; m. mun ik funda, many a one will envy thee; neut., mart, many things, opp. to 'ftt' (tala m., margs vitandi); mrgu, in many things, in many respects; fyrir margs sakir, for many reasons; mart manna, many people; (2) in plur. many (srr mrg-um srum), (3) fig. friendly, communicative, opp. to 'fr' (var hann m. vi rna biskup).
margr, m. great number; ekki m vi margnum, no one can stand against great odds.
mar-greifi, m. margrave, marquis.
marg-rddr, pp. much talked of (er -rtt um e-t);
-rinn, a. talkative;
-slgr, a. very sly;
-smugall, a. penetrating, subtle;
-spakr, a. very wise;
-talar, pp. (1) = -mltr; (2) much talked of (gra -talat um e-t);
-tr, a. very common, frequent (-ttt er, at menn deyi);
-vitr, a. of many-sided learning;
-vsligr, a. various, of many kinds;
-vss, a. = -frr;
-yrr, a. of many words = -orr.
mar-ggr, f. mermaid, sea-ogress.
mark, n. (1) mark, token, sign; at er eitt m. um djarfleik hans, one proof of his daring; til marks um e-t, as a token (proof) of; (2) matter of importance; er at ekki m., it signifies nothing; ltit m. er at v, it is of little consequence; ltit m. var at, er eir Beli hittust, of no great account was his meeting with B.; at marki, in real earnest, greatly (reiast at marki); (3) mark (as a sign of property); kenna sitt m. e-u, to recognize as one's own mark; a mark on sheep's ears ( var m. Sigfss sauum); (4) ornamental figure (hn hafi kntt um sik blju ok vru mrk bl); (5) boundary mark (skgar m.).
marka (a), v. (1) to mark, draw the outline of; m. grundvll undir kirkjuna, to draw the ground-plan of the church; (2) to mark as one's property (au naut vru ll einn veg mrku); (3) to mark by an emblem (er at mitt r, at menn marki stlhfur snar); (4) to draw (hann hafi rauan skjld ok markar hjrtr); (5) to observe, infer (mil of v m. hverr mar hann var); ar eptir mttu m. hans fegr, from this you can judge of his beauty; (6) to take notice of, heed, mind (rr kva eigi drauma skyldu m.); (7) to describe (markat hefi ek fyrir r birting lopts).
markar (gen. -ar), m. market; fig., var eim settr inn sami m., they got the same treatment (= hfu eir ina smu kaupfer).
marka-menn, m. pl. 'forest-men', outlaws, robbers.
mark-byg, f. forest district;
-land, n. forest-land;
-lei, f. track through forests;
-leii, n. = -lei.
mar-kntr, m. sea scorpion.
mark-steinn, m. (1) march-stone; (2) a stone laid to mark a spot;
stika, f. boundary stake.
mar-lendr, m. pl. `sea-traversers' (of witches).
marmari, m. marble.

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