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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


-lauss, a. without a husband;
-lt, n. loss of life;
-leysi, n. good-for-nothing fellow;
-liga, adv. manfully;
-ligr, a. (1) human (-ligt eli); (2) manly, becoming a man (er at -ligra at fara at duga honum);
-lkan, f. image of man;
-lti, n. blemish;
-la, -lra, f. = -leysi;
-lstr, m. blemish, fault, opp. to '-kostr';
-margr, a. having many men; hafa -margt, to have many people, forces; hafa -fleira, to have more men, followers;
-merg, f. host of people, crowd;
-metnar, m. honour, esteem (among men); lngun til -metnaar, ambition;
-mgr, m. crowd of people;
-ningr, m. miscreant;
-or, n. fame, repute;
-raun, f. (1) trial (of courage), danger, peril (jafn hinum fremstu llum -raunum); (2) trial (of the feelings), adversity ( er hann misti sonar sns, var at -raun, en etta engi);
-r, n. pl. plots against a man's life; standa -rum, to take part in such plots.
manna-aldr, m. a man's life, generation (mrgum -ldrum sarr).
mann-samnar, m. gathering of men, people assembled.
manns-bani, m. man-slayer;
-barn, n. human being, living soul (hvert -barn);
-bl, n. humnan blood;
-bkr, m. body, corpse;
-efni, n. the makings of a man; promising young man.
mann-sekt, f., esp. pl. -sektir, penalty paid in one's person, opp. to 'fsekt', outlawry, banishment;
-semi, f. manfulness, valour.
manns-fylgja, f. fetch of a man;
-hr, n. human hair;
-hfu, n. human head;
-hnd, f. human hand.
mann-skai, m. loss of life, great loss in a person's death (ok er at enn mesti -skai at taka af lfi).
mannakapar-lauss, a. lacking in strength and manhood, pithless.
mann-skapr, m. manfulness, manhood, valour;
-skelmir, m. rascal;
-skepna, f. poor creature.
manns-kona, f. married woman.
mann-skrfa, f. miserable coward;
-skr, a. dangerous to life; -sk orrosta, a bloody fight.
manns-li, n. a man's aid;
-lki, n. likeness of man, human shape;
-mt, n. manly mien, mark of a true man;
-mynd, f. human form (taka mannsmynd sik).
mann-smi, m. honour, reputation;
-spell, n. destruction of life;
-spjall, n. = -spell;
-stormr, m. rush of people.
manns-vi, m. = mannskai (var hinn mesti -vi);
-vit, n. 'man's wit', human understanding (hundrinn hefir -vit);
-fi, f. a man's lifetime (mart kann skipast -finni).
mann-tak, n. manhood, pith;
-tal, n. (1) 'tale of men', muster; (2) census;
-tapi, m. loss of life;
-tjn, n. = -tapi;
-igr, a. gentle, affable;
-val, n. choice people, select body of men (hafi hann gott -val);
-vandr, a. (1) particular as to choice of a husband; (2) req uiring an able man;
-veir, f. seizing, catching of a man;
-villa, f. misstatement of paternity;
viring, f. rank, renown, honour;
-virki, n. (1) work of human hands; (2) great work (ok er at it mesta -virki);
-vit, n. understanding;
-vitsamligr, a. sensible, intelligent.
mannvits-lauss, a. void of understanding;
-ltill, a. with little wit;
-mar, m. wise man.
mann-vitull, m. fool (?); -vnligr,
-vnn, a. hopeful, promising;
-vrr, a. entitled to be with other men;
-gr, a. vicious, dangerous (of a bull);
-rng, f. throng of men;
-urfi, a. in need of men;
-ta, f. cannibal;
-li. n. wretch.
man-rnar, f. pl. 'love-runes', love-spells;
-sal, n.; selja e-n -sali, to sell one as a slave.
mansals-mar, m. bondman.
man-skri, n. pl. mane-shears.
mans-mar, m. = mansalsmar.
man-sti, n. place of the mane.
man-sngr, m. love song (= mansngskvi);
-ungr, a. youthful;
-vl, f. 'love-trick' (poet.).
Man-verjar, m. pl. the Manxmen.
mara (-i), v. to be waterlogged, float low in the water (mari undir eim skipit).
mara, f. nightmare, incubus.
mar-lmr, m. sea-reed, marram;
-bakki, m. steep bank near the shore.

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