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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


m. loss of men;
-mt, n. = mann-fundr;
-munr, m. distinction, difference of men;
-mgr, m. crowd of people;
-rei, f. riding of men, body of horsemen;
-samnar, m. gathering of men;
-seta, f. men staying in a place;
-skipan, f. (1) the placing of people (at a banquet); (2) people seated at a banquet;
-skipti, n. pl. exchange of men;
-sl, f. track of men;
-spor, n. pl. footprints of men.
mannast (a), v. refl. to become a (proper) man, to be brought up to manhood (rir var mar ttsmr ok hafi mannazt vel).
manna-sttir, m. peace-maker;
-taka, f. reception of strangers.
manna-vegr, m. a road where men pass;
-verk, n. pl. work by human hands;
-vist, f. human abode;
-vld, n. pl. e-t er af -vldum, it is due to human causes, is done by men.
mann-bjrg, f. the saving of life; brutu ar skipit allt spn, en var
-bjrg, but the men's lives were saved;
-blt, n. human sacrifice;
-bo, n. banquet;
-broddr, m. ice-spur;
-btr, f. pl. weregild (for one slain);
-daui, m. -daur, m. loss of life, mortality;
-d, f. manful deed, act of prowess;
-deild, f. difference of opinion, division;
-djfull, m. fiend of a man;
-dmligr, a. manly;
-dmr, m. (1) human nature; (2) manliness, prowess; (3) humanity, generosity; sna e-m -dm, to show kindness to one.
manndms-leysi, n. unmanliness, meanness;
m. a brave man.
mann-drp, n. murder, slaughter.
manndrpa-laust, adv. without slaughter or loss of life (sttast-laust).
manndrpari, m., -drpsmar, m. man-slayer, murderer;
-dyg, f. virtue
-drir, f. pl. manly qualities;
-eldi, n. maintenance of a person;
-eygr, a. = -gr;
-faagnar, m. the fare at a banquet, great entertainment;
-fall, n. slaughter, loss of life (in battle);
-fang, n.; eiga -fang sonum, to have able sons;
-farmr, m. shipload of men;
fr, a. having few men (hafa -ftt); ykki mr -ftt bnum, few people;
-fer, f. passage, passing of people;
-fjndi, m. human fiend;
-fjldi, m. multitude, crowd of men;
-fleiri, a. compar., see '-margr';
-fli, m. fool, idiot;
-flk, n. mankind, men (allt mannflk);
-frr, a. skilled in '-fri';
-fri, f. history, esp. genealogies;
-fundr, m. meeting;
-fla, f. mean, worthless fellow, rascal;
-f, f. lack of people, smallness of population;
-fa, f., -fi, n. human food;
-fr, f. condition of a road;
-fr, f. = -fer;
-garr, m. ring of men;
-gersemi, f. 'jewel of a man', paragon (hinar beztu -gersemar).
mann-gi (gen. mannskis), pron. no man, nobody; mannskis mgr, no man's son.
mann-girnd, -girni, f. a longing for a husband;
-gjarn, a. eager to marry;
-gjarnliga, adv. eagerly;
-gjld, n. pl. weregild;
-gzka, f. kindness, goodness;
-hr, a. of a man's height; lypta -htt, to a man's height;
-hski, m. danger of life;
-hefnd, f. blood revenge;
-heill, f. favour, good report; hann hafi -heill mikla, he was very popular.
mannheilla-mar, m. popular man.
mann-helgr, f. inviolability of person, sanctuary (ar var -helgr mikil);
-hringr, m. circle, ring of men;
-hundr, m. dog of a man, scoundrel;
-hs, n. pl. dwelling-houses;
-h, f. man's height;
-htta, f. = -hski.
mannhttu-laust, adv. without danger of life.
mann-hfn, f. keeping, maintenance of a person;
-illska, f. wickedness;
-jafnar, m. (1) comparison of men; fara -jafna, to make a comparison between persons; (2) matching or pairing of persons (as to the weregild to be paid);
-kaup, n., e-m er gott -kaup, he is a great acquisition;
-kind, f. (1) mankind; (2) race;
-kostir, m. pl. good qualities, virtues;
-kvmd, f. run of visitors;
-kvmt, a. n., ar var ekki -kvmt, few came there, it was a lonely place;
-kv, f. levying of men;
-kyn, n. mankind;

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