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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


maka (a), v. to become maggoty.
maka-haf, n. -sjr, = maksjr.
mak-fullr, a. full of maggots.
makr (-s, -ar), m. maggot, grub, worm;maka fzla, food for worms.
mak-sjr, m. a sea full of worms;
-smoginn, pp. worm-eaten (of a ship).
mar (gen. manns, pl. menn, with the art. menninir), m. (1) man (irrespective of sex), human being (gu skapai sarst menn tv, er ttir eru fr komnar); sndi m. manni, one showed it to another, it went from from hand to hand; fjldi manns, a great number of people; mgrmanns, crowd of people; (2) degree in kinship; vera at rija, frra, fimta manni, to be related in the third, fourth, fifth degree; hann var manni firr en systrungr Brar, he was the son of a cousin of B.; (3) man, opp. to 'kona' (san fr hann til manna sinna).
mag-ll, m. flesh of the belly;
-fyllr, f. belly-full.
magi, m. stomach, belly, = kvir.
magn, n. strength, power; eptir llu magni, to the best of one's power.
magna (a), v. (1) to charm, make strong by spell (hann magnai me miklum bltskap lkneski rs); m. fjlkyngi, sei, to work a spell; (2) refl., magnast, to increase in power, grow strong (Glmr tk at magnast af nju); eldrinn magnaist, the fire increased in strength.
magns-munr, m. difference in strength or power.
magr (mgr, magrt), a. lean.
magr-ligr, a. lean-looking, pinched.
maka (pl. mkur), f. female mate.
maki, m. match (m. e-s).
makindi, n. pl. friendly intercourse.
mak-liga, adv. fitly, properly.
maklig-leikr, m. desert; at -leik, eptir -leikum, deservedly; hafa -leika til e-s, to deserve.
mak-ligr, a. (1) meet, proper, becoming (er at makligt, at); (2) deserving (makligr e-s or til e-s).
makr, a. (1) easy to deal with (aan fr var Eindrii hinn makasti); (2) only in compar., more suitable, becoming, convenient (H. kva honum makara at sitja vi elda en vera sjfrum).
mak-rr, a. pleasant, agreeable.
makt, f. might, power.
mala (mel; ml, mlum; malinn), v. to grind (m. valbygg).
malar-, gen. from 'ml';
-grjt, n. beach-pebbles;
-kambr, m. pebbleridge along the beach.
malir, f. pl. croup of cattle.
malr (-s, -ir), m. knapsack.
malt, n. malt (for brewing);
-hlaa, f. malt barn;
-klyfjar, f. pl. malt packs (carried by horses).
man, n. (1) household, house-folk; bondslaves; (2) bondwoman, female slave; r 'ro mttkar meyjar at mani hafar, these mighty maids are held in bondage; (3) woman, esp. young woman, maid; lki leyfa hins ljsa mans, to praise the fair maid's form.
mana (a), v. to challenge.
mang, n. barter, peddling.
manga (a), v. to barter, chaffer.
mangari, m. monger, higgler.
pron., see 'manngi'.
man-kynni, n. pl. choice of maidens.
manna-, gen. pl. from 'mar';
-bein, n. pl. human bones;
-byg, f. inhabited district.
mannar, pp. (1) manned, furnished with men, of a ship (vel, illa m.); (2) (well) brought up; var mir mn vel mnnu, well bred; skaltu vita, at hann er vel m., that he is an accomplished man; mannair at hfi, fairly well-bred men.
manna-dreyri, m. human blood.
mann-afli, m. strength in men.
manna-forr, -forri, n. rule, dominion, authority;
-fr, n. pl. men's footprints;
-fr, f. = mannfer;
-grein, f. distinction of men;
-hold, n. human flesh;
-hs, n. pl. men's houses;
-kjt, m. = -hold;
-lt, n. loss of men, loss of life, death;
-ml, n. human voices, human speech;

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