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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


in Norway and Sweden);
-mál, n. (1) prescription, rule of the law; (2) law; (3) mutual agreement.
lögmáls-bók, f. book of the law;
-spjöld, n. pl. law tables;
-stađr, m. legal point, ground of action;
-örk, f. the ark of the covenant.
lög-mćltr, pp. prescribed in the law (öll-mćlt skil);
-mćtr, a. (1) = -mćltr (öll-mćt skil); (2) coming under the law, punishable (-mćtar sakir),
lögn (gen. lagnar), f. a net laid in the sea, opp. to 'dragnet'.
lög-prettr, m. law-quibble;
-pundari, m. legal steelyard.
(gen. lagar, dat. legi), m. (1) sea, koma um lög, to come by sea; lopt ok lög, air and sea; lands eđa lagar, á landi eđa legi, on land or sea; (2) water, any liquid.
lög-ráđandi, m. legal guardian, warden;
-rengd, f. legal challenge;
-rétt, f. public fold;
-rétta, f. (1) the legislature in the Icelandic Commonwealth; also the place where the legislative sittings were held ganga til
-réttu, to proceed to the -rétta; (2) in Norway, and also in Iceland after the union with Norway, public court of law;
-réttr, m. 'law-right,' compensation legally due to one.
lögréttu-mađr, m. member of the 'lögrétta';
-skipan, f. order, constitution of the 'lögrétta' (as to the number of its members).
lög-ruđning, f. legal challenge (of neighbours or judges);
-rćna (-da, dr), v. to deprive of law, = rćna e-n lögum;
-rćningr, m. a person who has been cheated of his lawful right;
-saga, f. (1) 'law-speaking', pronouncing the law; (2) the office of the 'lögsögumađr' (taka -sögu, hafa -sögu,); (3) declaration of the 'lögsögumađr' or 'lögmađr' (ţá bađ konungr ţóri lögmann birta sína -sögu);
-sekr, a. guilty by law (hvárigir urđu -sekir);
-sjándi (pl. -sjándr), m. (1) surveyor; (2) eye-witness, lawful witness;
-skil, n. pl. pleadings or proceedings as prescribed in the law = lögmćlt skil (Mörđr mćlti -skil at vanda sínum);
-skilnađr, m. legal divorce;
-skipan, f. ordinance;
-skyld, f. legal debt;
-skyldr, a. (1) bound by law; (2) prescribed by law;
-spakr, a. learned in the law;
-speki, f. jurisprudence;
-stefna, f. lawful summons;
-sögn, f. (1) the jurisdiction of a 'lögmađr'; (2) office of a 'lögmađr'; (3) declaration made by a 'lögmađr'.
lögsogu-mađr, m. lawspeaker.
lög-taka (see taka), v. (1) to receive by law; (2) to accept as law (ţá erkristni var -tekin);
-tíđir, f. lawful tithe.
lögu-nautr, m. (1) messmate; (2) mate, colleague, companion;
-neyti, n. messmateship.
lög-vellir, m. poet., boiler, kettle.
lög-villa, f. fraudulent procedure;
-villr, a. mistaken in point of law;
-vitr, a. = -spakr;
-vörn, f. lawful point of defence;
-ţing, n. (1) in Norway, general assembly, parliament; (2) public meeting (Gunnar reiđ til allra mannfunda ok -pinga).
löm (pl. lamar), f. hinges (of a chest).
löngu, adv. long ago, long since.
löngum, adv. long, continuously (Eiríkr var l. međ föđur sínum); compar., lengrum, longer (l. en lög stóđu til); superl., lengstum, mostly, most of the time (höfuđborg sú, er Geira sat í l.).
löskr (acc. -van), a. weak, good-for-nothing (l. mun hann ć heitinn).
löstr (gen. lastar, dat. lesti; pl. lestir, acc. löstu), m. (1) fault, flaw; segja kost ok löst á e-u, to tell fairly the good and bad of a thing; (2) misbehaviour; (3) vice (l. ofdrykkjunnar).
löt (pl. latar), f. dissuasion; telja latar á um e-t, to raise difficulties about a thing.

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